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How the 12 Steps and Holistic Rehab Are Different

Each individual walks a unique path to sobriety. Choosing the right addiction rehab for you is key. If you’re trying to figure out what kind of recovery program is right for you, then chances are you’ve come across the terms “12 Steps” and “holistic.” Although both programs share a common goal — a healthier, more fulfilled lifestyle that results from sobriety — there are tremendous differences in how each achieves treatment outcomes.

What is 12 Step Rehab? The 12 Steps were developed by Alcoholics Anonymous and later adapted for use by Narcotics Anonymous. The 12 Steps address the spiritual needs of the recovering addict through 12 distinct actions that all program participants share. If you join a 12 Step program, you will join the world’s largest addiction recovery community, as well as its oldest. You will work with a sponsor, accept responsibility for defects of character, make amends for past wrongs, and help others on their own journeys to sobriety. In AA and NA, you will “work the Steps” with the support of the members of a local chapter, in addition to your sponsor. You will not, however, get help with any of the side effects or causes of addiction with the 12 Steps — side effects and causes that may require medical attention. You might find yourself feeling sick from withdrawal; you may also suffer from symptoms related to depression, PTSD, anxiety, or another mental health disorder. Although AA and NA do not discourage members from getting medical help, it is not provided by the organizations themselves.

What is Holistic Rehab? “Holistic treatment” means caring for the body, the mind, and the spirit. It is a comprehensive approach to substance abuse that often begins with safe detox, progresses through a variety of individualized therapies, and leads to ongoing aftercare. If you enroll in a holistic rehab, the treatment plan will center on your specific physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. The spiritual recovery may or may not include 12 Step programming. At a holistic rehab you can start your recovery in detox. Detox helps addicted people feel more comfortable as withdrawal progresses. It can help you sleep, eat, and relax. After detox, intensive therapy begins. If you choose holistic rehab, the kinds of therapy you engage in will depend on your behavioral and psychiatric needs. You’ll also start participating in safe and fun activities that can help you enjoy sober living again. These activities might include golf, swimming, exercise, music, and art.

The Ranch PA is a Holistic Rehab The Ranch PA is a holistic rehab that provides comprehensive care to people who suffer from addiction. We also provide access to 12 Step programming to clients who find its spiritual recovery comforting. For more information about holistic care and the 12 Steps, call The Ranch PA. (photo via)

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