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How to Stop Drinking Alcohol

If you are struggling with alcohol addiction in Hanover, PA, you may be wondering how to stop drinking alcohol. The Ranch PA is an alcohol and drug treatment center where you can find structure and support as you work through your alcohol abuse disorder. Let us guide you on your way to recovery.

Defining Alcohol Use Disorder

Alcohol abuse disorder is a chronic, relapsing condition that often requires professional help to overcome. Here are several factors that may indicate you have a drinking problem and should consider how to stop drinking alcohol:

  • You drink more than you intended and for longer than you planned several times a week.
  • You often feel sick because you drank too much.
  • Attempted to stop drinking multiple times are unable to do.
  • you crave alcohol.

These are just a few of the signs that indicate you may have alcohol abuse disorder. Other signs include a withdrawal from work and family responsibilities as well as social engagements.

How to Stop Drinking Alcohol

The best way to stop drinking is in a treatment center where you can have access to counselors and staff that can provide guidance and support. Consider an inpatient stay or outpatient treatment to overcome alcohol abuse disorder and work towards understanding the triggers that made you start to drink in the first place. Detox, treatment, and aftercare represent the three stages of recovery.


Medical detox center is often the safest way to wean your body off independence on alcohol. At a detox center, you have access to medical care and support to make the process more comfortable. In a structured environment, you’re less likely to relapse during this crucial time. Detox is often the best place to learn how to stop drinking alcohol and begin your road to recovery. Once the signs of withdrawal start to dissipate, you can begin to prepare for long term sobriety.


Talk to the counselors at The Ranch PA to determine the right level of treatment for you. In-patient rehabilitation programs of 30 days or more are often the best way to pursue treatment. In a residential alcohol rehabilitation program, you receive 24-hour supervision. Our supportive staff, along with a variety of approaches, enable you to get to the core reasons for your addiction — so that you can begin to overcome them. Outpatient programs work a little differently but use the same tools to help you achieve lifelong sobriety. Some clients can’t fully commit to an inpatient treatment due to work and family commitments. Outpatient programs that help you learn how to stop drinking alcohol only include treatment sessions and can vary depending on how much time you can commit to the program.


Once you complete a treatment plan at The Ranch PA, it’s very important to find ways to continue making progress on your own. Fortunately, we have an aftercare program that helps you stay committed to remaining sober. For many people with alcohol abuse disorder, relapse is a constant threat. It’s important to remain strong and to build a net a supportive people who can help you stay true to your commitment. Clarity way counselors help you choose programs and treatment approaches that will work best for you. These include both verbal and nonverbal therapies, family therapy, and peer groups where you can feel comfortable and discuss the challenges you face.

How to Stop Drinking Alcohol in Hanover, PA

The Ranch PA is a full-service addiction treatment center in Hanover, PA. Our clients work toward recovery in a comfortable, encouraging environment. Whether you participate in 12 step programs or holistic therapies, your time here helps you heal away from the distractions of home. Wherever you are on your journey to sobriety, The Ranch PA can help you move forward. Give us a call at 717.969.9126 to enroll in one effective alcohol rehabilitation program.

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