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What Is Rehab Like?

As many as one out of seven people struggle with an addiction to nicotine, alcohol, or other drugs. If you are struggling with an addiction, you may have wondered What is rehab like if you decide to go to a facility for treatment. The fear of the unknown can be an exasperating experience, however, there are several tools available at these treatment centers to help you get assistance in stopping addictive behavior. Here is a rundown of what you can expect if you are wondering What is rehab like as a method for addiction treatment.

Assessing Your Medical History

When you first get to a treatment center, we will ask questions about your medical history to determine the right course of action for treatment. For example, if you are dealing with another condition, we monitor your medication to ensure there are no possible interactions between dosages. A team of professionals will evaluate and run tests to determine your overall health. If you require withdrawal assistance, this is conducted in-house to help you deal with uncomfortable symptoms.

Explore Treatment Options

At most treatment facilities, a mix of behavioral treatment and medication to reduce withdrawal symptoms, anxiety, and/or depression is administered. However, each situation is different and a complete assessment of the patient’s needs is conducted first. If you are worried about What is rehab like, those providing services will sit down and discuss the processes used with the patient and their family beforehand. In many cases, this eases the minds of those who are acquiring treatment so that they can deal with procedures with positivity.

We Monitor Withdrawal If Necessary

If the person requiring treatment is in the process of withdrawal from drugs, alcohol, or actions, they need special care. At a rehab facility, medical professionals constantly check symptoms and provide the tools necessary to get through discomfort while protecting health. This happens in a clinical setting where monitoring is available around the clock.

Going Through Behavioral Tactics

What is rehab like includes behavioral tools to help the addicted person cope with urges to start their addiction again. As an example, counselors provide those with addictions to use coping mechanisms to help them avoid succumbing to triggers. Usually, this happens with the guidance of a counselor in both private and group sessions. Knowing how to deal with possible setbacks is an important process that we teach to those struggling with addictive behavior using positive reinforcement.

What Is Rehab Like At Our Facility

At The Ranch PA, we offer treatment for all types of addiction with compassion. What is rehab like at our facility? The answer is you are provided with care from medically trained professionals who have a real interest in seeing you succeed on your journey to an addiction-free lifestyle. Some of our comprehensive treatment programs include:

We understand the need for compassion when struggling with an addiction. At The Ranch PA, our professionals are there with you every step of the way and understand that not all patients have the same pace when getting assistance for an addiction. Our Hanover, Pennsylvania treatment center is on a beautiful 15-acre property and offers assistance to those struggling from:

  • Opioids
  • Alcohol
  • Benzo
  • Cocaine
  • Meth
  • Heroin
  • Marijuana
  • Polysubstance abuse

Call The Ranch PA at 717.969.9126 to get the assistance you need to stop the struggle of addiction. Find Your Path to Recovery. The first step is yours. We’ll help with the rest.

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