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How to Support a Loved One Throughout Their Recovery

When your loved one makes the life-changing decision to enter a rehab therapy facility, it may come as a relief to you. It is reassuring to know they will be taken care of as far as meals and counseling, but you must remember to encourage their emotional well-being. One way to support a loved one throughout therapy includes frequent visits with the goal of working through any issues your family has faced during their addiction. Addiction takes its toll on families and loved ones. Keeping yourself involved in the healing process will encourage a positive relationship following treatment. Many clients rely on their family to continue to be a positive reinforcement once their stay is over, so starting this sort of relationship during treatment is important. Family integration into recovery can be accomplished throughout treatment but is most necessary after treatment. The therapists, doctors and other clients in rehab facilities become your loved one’s support network. Once this is gone, your loved one must adjust to life outside of rehab. This is where you will play a large supporting role. Be sure to keep in touch with your loved one’s therapists and understand where they are at in their recovery process. They may not be entirely healed, but they will be on a path to full recovery. It is now your place to be supportive and encouraging, while refraining from judging their every move. Recovery is a life-long journey only beginning with treatment. Photo: The Ranch PA

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