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In State or Out-of-State Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers: Which One is Right for You?

Once you have identified a need for inpatient treatment, deciding on a treatment facility is a critical step. Many factors, including location, will help you select a treatment facility. If you live in Pennsylvania, you may first consider drug and alcohol treatment centers in PA. Choosing to remain in state may be a better choice than attending a drug rehab center in NJ, for example. The location of your treatment facility can influence personal success. Attending rehab in your home state has many benefits. Consider the following questions to decide whether to attend in-state treatment. Do you have a reliable local support network? If you feel stronger with family and friends nearby, you can utilize their support to continue on your path to recovery. Choosing one of the drug and alcohol treatment centers in PA means staying within your comfort zone. Family and friends will be much more likely to attend counseling or therapy sessions when they do not have to travel far. What is your budget? Traveling to a far away treatment center will cost more money. These treatment centers may provide different scenery and new experiences that are positive, but cost you more money. Are your relationships with local medical providers important? For those individuals with chronic health issues, remaining near treatment providers can ensure continuity of care. While ending an addiction can improve physical health, health issues, such as diabetes, will need continual follow-up care after in-patient treatment ends. Will you need continued support to deal with environmental triggers? If you choose a local facility, like The Ranch PA, you will have nearby support when you run into situations that can trigger your drug or alcohol use. There are good reasons for choosing an out-of-state drug or alcohol treatment center as well. Consider the following questions to decide if an out of state treatment center is right for you. Will getting sober require a complete change of environment for you to succeed? If you need a change of scenery and a new environment to be successful in your treatment, it may be beneficial to select a treatment center further away from where you live. Do you want new and different experiences? If you would like to live in a warmer climate, see the beach or hike the mountains, now may be the time to do it. Selecting a treatment center where you have always wanted to live may push you to make the necessary changes in your life. Is privacy important to you? Every treatment center should provide confidentiality. If you wish to be even more anonymous, you may want to go to treatment in another state. Whether it is a drug rehab center in NJ or TX, leaving your home state will allow additional privacy for your recovery. Are you financially able to pay for your chosen out-of-state center? If financial concerns are not an issue, you have many options that others will not. In either case, take the time to consider which location will best allow you to follow your path of recovery to success. (photo via)

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