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Information is Power: Do You Know Where to Get Yours?

When confronted with a problem, one of the first positive steps a person can take if they do not feel they are equipped with the right information is to seek help from someone who is. Matters regarding substance abuse are no different. There are a ton of great resources that exist online to help and beginning the process can feel more than a little overwhelming at times.

We have highlighted great substance abuse resources in the past, and The Partnership at is another one, specifically aimed at helping parents prevent, intervene or help provide treatment if their child is suffering from an addiction. Not only do they help parents talk personally to teens about drug and alcohol use and abuse, they also run community education programs that train professionals to design and deliver programs that will ultimately help communities prevent teen drug and alcohol abuse. In a perfect world, we would be able to stop addiction before it ever starts, but we aren’t there yet. Being aware of substance abuse signs, knowing how to talk about these issues and knowing the best places to get helpful resources can be invaluable tools in your arsenal when it comes to tackling the conversations and issues that surround alcohol and drug use, especially where teens are concerned. Luckily, sites like The Partnership at exist to help make this process as easy as possible for parents. At some points, a substance abuse facility may be the next step in battling an addiction, but before that, there are a million other moments to be prepared for and sites with such a comprehensive focus on preventing addiction before it starts are instrumental in helping to create awareness and ultimately, affect change. (photo via)

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