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Knowing When You Need Inpatient Drug or Alcohol Rehab

Getting to that point of admitting you have a drug or alcohol problem can be reached through various routes. It could be the result of a significant personal event, which many call “hitting bottom.” It may be due to an intervention by a close friend or relative. Once you identify the problem, the next step is doing something about it. Often the best course of action is inpatient drug rehab.

American Psychological Association Quiz

Identifying the problem and its magnitude is a step in the right direction. The APA has an “Are You Addicted?” test composed of 7 questions that can help you self-diagnose. The questions are designed to outline substance abuse behaviors. The mechanics are as follows: If you answer “yes” to three or more of the questions, then you likely have an addiction issue and if you answer “yes” to two or less of the questions, then you have an abuse issue.

Distinction between Addiction and Abuse

The APA test is based on the principle that addiction and abuse are two distinct levels of substance abuse. Addiction is more severe than abuse, but it is important to note that within each general category there are also specific levels of risk. While substance abuse is threatening and damaging, it defines a person who takes part in reckless behaviors associated with drugs and alcohol, which can cause financial and legal issues as well as relationship strains. On the other hand, addiction refers to the condition in which a person has shown psychological or physical signs of dependency, and a definite tolerance for the drug or alcohol. Withdrawal symptoms are also common to addiction. At the addiction level, there already exists a chemical dependency, which means that you have significantly less control of your actions. When you come to the honest conclusion that you have indeed reached such a stage, you have to understand that extensive rehabilitation such as inpatient alcohol rehabs and the equivalent treatment for drugs are imperative. Even if you consider your case an abuse level, getting inpatient help now can prevent serious issues later. With drug and alcohol, it is never too early to seek treatment. (photo The Ranch PA)

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