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Is Alcohol A Drug?

Is alcohol a drug? Your average person on the street won’t consider alcohol a drug, because it’s legal. Ask anybody that has gone to an alcohol addiction treatment center, and they will tell you yes. Despite this misconception, a substance like alcohol doesn’t stop being a drug simply because it’s legal — look at marijuana! Legality and social acceptability only make alcohol more available, not less addictive.

Is Alcohol A Drug By Definition?

What defines a drug, and does alcohol fit that definition? According to the dictionary, a drug is any substance that changes consciousness, causes addiction, or both. Is alcohol a drug based on altering consciousness? Anyone who has drunk alcohol can attest to the buzz — or a blackout. Is alcohol a drug based on causing addiction? Once again, the answer is yes. Over time, people become so accustomed to drinking that their bodies go into withdrawal when they stop.

What Alcohol Shares With Other Drugs

Is alcohol a drug chemically? Yes — alcohol is classified as a depressant, the same category as drugs like heroin. Depressants slow down breathing and heart rate. After the initial buzz, alcohol starts to slow your body down. It can worsen depression and is often part of a vicious cycle between alcoholism and depression. Other similarities include:

  • Overdose. Too much alcohol consumed at once can slow breathing and heart rate to the point of a coma or death. People also experience alcohol poisoning when they drink too much for the liver to process.
  • Withdrawal. Like many addictions, alcohol withdrawal produces intense physical and mental symptoms that can last for weeks or even years.

Alcohol Use Affects Everyone Around the User

Drug use doesn’t just affect the user, but everyone in their life as well. In this aspect, is alcohol a drug? Again, the answer is yes. The more a person abuses alcohol, the less time and energy they spend on friends, family, and coworkers. They may end up losing their jobs because of frequent absences. Alcoholism can break marriages and friendships through mood swings and revolving social life around alcohol.

The Ranch PA is Ready to Help

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