Alcohol Abuse

Animal-assisted therapy addiction

Animal-Assisted Therapy For Addiction

If you’re looking for the best alcohol rehab center for your own or your loved one’s needs, it’s essential to look at the variety of treatments now available. Most centers offer basic counseling, 12-step programs, detoxification, and similar services. But getting clean often means getting more than just the basics. Many treatment centers consider animal-assisted …

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Drinking hand sanitizer addiction

Drinking Hand Sanitizer Addiction

Hand sanitizer has become a popular way for people to keep their hands clean. Unfortunately, a growing number of people are asking “is drinking hand sanitizer safe?” because a surprising amount of people — particularly younger children — are ingesting it. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers appeal to people addicted to alcohol. If you or a loved …

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a woman holds a bottle of wine

Are You a Secret Alcoholic?

When people think of alcoholism, they typically think of the physical signs of drinking: unsteady gait, loss of coordination, loss of consciousness, and vomiting. They may also picture someone who misses work due to drinking, becomes violent, or lies about how much alcohol they consume. All of these may indeed be signs of alcoholism, but in …

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a woman suffers from the effects of binge drinking and depression

Binge Drinking and Depression

Alcohol abuse is a common problem across the country and can become a devastating issue very quickly. Many individuals who struggle with alcohol abuse deal with the combination of binge drinking, depression, and anxiety. Tragically, these co-occurring disorders can create a situation that feels impossible for many to escape. Thankfully, options like a residential alcohol …

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pensive man considering depression treatment during coronavirus quarantine

Depression Treatment During COVID-19 Pandemic

Depression Treatment During COVID-19As the stock market dropped to extreme lows recently and the outbreak of COVID-19 intensified, people in the United States began panicking. With already over 275,000 cases worldwide and more than 11,000 deaths, many governors and leaders are requesting that people only go out for essential items. Restaurants are closing their dining …

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Drug and Alcohol Addiction: Not Your Average Disease

We leap for joy when we hear of someone’s remission from cancer. However, we keep a quiet and judgmental countenance when it comes to alcohol remission. Why is there such discrimination against those struggling with alcohol and not against those coping with heart disease? Do we fail to understand that alcoholism is indeed a disease? …

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3 Reasons Why At-Home Detox is Not Recommended

If you are like many people who struggle with substance abuse, you may feel confident that beating a dependence on alcohol or drugs is something you can do alone. Unfortunately, many people who become addicted suffer from overconfidence and denial. If it is their first time trying to quit, they may not understand how challenging …

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Living a Satisfying Life in Recovery

Most individuals who struggle with addiction acknowledge that living a satisfying lifestyle outside of inpatient care requires constant attention. Living a satisfying life in recovery also requires avoiding temptation. It is a difficult challenge, especially when alcohol and drugs can be nearly everywhere. You can learn to enjoy your abstinent lifestyle, however, by taking a …

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