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Is Secondhand Alcohol Dangerous?

Chances are you know all about secondhand smoke. You may not have heard about the dangers of secondhand alcohol, however, yet you may already be a victim. Learn more about secondhand alcohol, and find out why your loved one’s drinking problem may be costing you more than you think. Problems Associated with Secondhand Alcohol Unlike secondhand smoke, which causes physical harm to nonsmokers who spend time in the company of those who are smoking, secondhand alcohol’s causes are emotional and psychological in nature. If you have ever argued with your spouse after they were drinking or found yourself picking up the slack when another is too hungover to fulfill their obligations — and felt resentful after — you are a victim of secondhand alcohol. Other problems associated with secondhand alcohol include:

  • Violent crime and sexual assault. Did you know that individuals who binge drink are far more likely to be involved in a violent crime or sexual assault, either as the perpetrator or the victim?
  • Death, injuries, and property damage. People who drink commonly cause auto accidents resulting in fatalities or serious injuries. They’re also more likely to hurt themselves or someone else accidentally, or damage someone else’s home or belongings.
  • Failure to perform professional obligations. Alcoholism and alcohol abuse costs American businesses millions of dollars every year due to lost productivity.
  • Child abuse and neglect. Individuals who drink too much are more likely to neglect or abuse their children.
  • Divorce and troubled relationships. Alcoholism and alcohol abuse — and the poor choices made as a result — cost many people their homes and families.
  • Life-threatening health issues. Alcohol abuse and alcoholism is associated with a wide range of extremely serious health problems, including liver disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, cancer, and more.

What You Can Do If You Are a Victim Just because you don’t have a drinking problem doesn’t mean you don’t have a problem because of drinking. Individuals, and especially family members, bear a heavy burden when someone they love is addicted to alcohol. Even if your loved one refuses to admit the problem, you can get help for yourself — and stop being a victim of secondhand alcohol. Self-help support groups such as Al-Anon can provide you with the outlet you need to realize you’re not alone. For more information about secondhand alcohol, addiction, and recovery — and to find treatment for your loved one — contact The Ranch PA today. Photo via

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