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Nigella Lawson, Addicted to Drugs?

If you love food, then you probably know of English journalist and entertainer Nigella Lawson. Lawson is best known for her work as a restaurant critic, food writer, and reality television judge — but, if you believe her former husband, art collector Charles Saatchi, she is also a former addict who spent 10 years secretly abusing cocaine, prescription drugs, and marijuana, according to evidence released by a British judge. A Nasty Divorce Lawson married Saatchi in 2003 and earned unwelcomed publicity in 2013 after a public incident where Saatchi was photographed with his hands around Lawson’s neck. Although Saatchi downplayed the incident, British police issued a public warning, and Lawson reportedly left their shared home. The couple divorced soon after, and a November 2013 Fox News story reported that Saatchi choked Lawson because of her drug use. Saatchi — who referred to Lawson as “Higella” — accuses the television personality of taking illicit drugs daily during their entire 10-year marriage. The latest reports, however, indicate that Saatchi is taking back some of what he said. The explosive accusation came as a result not of the divorce trial, but of a separate trial that charges Lawson’s two former assistants of embezzlement. The defense case rests largely on the defendants’ assertion that Lawson let them have access to Saatchi’s funds in exchange for secrecy over Lawson’s illicit drug abuse. Due to take the stand in early December, Lawson is widely-expected to deny the allegations. The prosecutor in the case called the defense account “scurrilous,” according to People magazine. Celebrity friends — including Anthony Bourdain, a celebrated chef who was once addicted to drugs — have taken to the Internet to defend Lawson, and her new television show on ABC will go ahead as planned in January 2014. The Lie of the “Successful” Addict Regardless of what happens with the Lawson case, it is a fallacy to think that a person can continue to abuse drugs and live a successful, healthy lifestyle at the same time. Should these allegations against Lawson prove true, we hope that she gets professional help before more damage is done. (Photo via)

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