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Opiate Withdrawal Symptoms

They start between six and 12 hours after the last dose. Opiate withdrawal symptoms are the signals that your body wants more of the drug. However, you’ve decided to quit using drugs. Here’s what you need to know.

Why Working with a Detox Facility Makes Sense

A trusted opiate addiction treatment center in Hanover, PA, is your go-to location for detoxification. There’s no judgment. Instead, you work with caring therapists who help you deal with opiate withdrawal symptoms. Doing so protects you from early relapse. This form of relapse is among the most dangerous. Because the discomfort is so intense, you go back to using. You use the same dose as you did before. But your body is no longer ready to accept it. An overdose is a risk at this point. In contrast, dealing with signs of opiate withdrawal at a detox center is safer. You won’t have to endure pain and potentially dangerous side effects. Most importantly, you get the help you need to see withdrawal through until you wake up without symptoms.

Typical Opiate Withdrawal Symptoms

They start slow. Your muscles are aching a bit, and you’re sweating. You develop a fever. It feels like you’re coming down with the flu. However, that’s just the beginning. It gets worse from there. Your heart rate races. By day three, you have severe gastrointestinal upset and are vomiting. Therapists intervene to minimize the physical pain. On top of that, they help you with hydration. You don’t have to feel miserable just because you’re quitting a drug habit. Later, cravings will sharply increase. Once again, therapists intervene with pharmacological support. Doing so keeps you on track. Eventually, signs of opiate withdrawal diminish and ultimately go away.

Dealing with Opiate Addiction beyond the Withdrawal Symptoms

You still struggle with some post-acute withdrawal symptoms. Therapists can use medications for those. However, don’t develop a false sense of confidence. Granted, you indeed broke the physical dependency. That said, there’s still a psychological addiction. Unless you treat it, too, relapse isn’t far off. When you select a detox facility that also offers rehab, your treatment protocol simply changes. Now, possible modalities include:

Family therapy is another treatment that helps you heal. It brings in loved ones. Because they frequently don’t understand your struggle, they haven’t been able to support you. During family therapy, they learn how to form a support network and heal themselves.

Don’t Put off Therapy

It’s dangerous to wait with therapy. Don’t put it off. Furthermore, work with a center that understands what you’re going through. Doing so boosts your odds of overcoming the disease of addiction. At The Ranch PA, therapists want to help you overcome opiate withdrawal symptoms. Therapists there routinely work with good people whom the drugs hooked. You don’t have to be a victim any longer. Call 717.969.9126 today to break the chains of chemical dependency.

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