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Difference Between Sober Living House and Halfway Houses

The day a client walks out of rehab is only the beginning of their recovery journey. In fact, it’s a journey that will hopefully last an entire lifetime. No matter how well things went during treatment, there’s always a chance a client is going to walk out of rehab with “shaky knees.” They don’t want to relapse and aren’t quite sure if they have the necessary tools to avoid it. These folks are great candidates for time in a sober living or halfway house. That begs the question, “what is the difference between a sober living house and halfway houses?”

What is the Difference Between Sober Living House and Halfway Houses?

Before discussing the difference or differences between a sober living house in Hanover, PA vs halfway houses, there are similarities. First, they both provide a housing option to help people who need time to regain control of their lives. They also provide counseling services that should help residents integrate back into society with minimum difficulty. As for the difference or differences between a sober living house vs halfway houses, it starts with funding. For example, in a sober living house, the resident is responsible for paying their rent and food. In the case of a halfway house, the facility’s costs are usually absorbed by the US Federal Court system (DOJ), which leads to the other main difference. Sober living homes only serve people in recovery. The US federal court system uses halfway houses to house released prisoners for the purpose of gradually reintroducing them back into mainstream society. There are situations when people in recovery will move into a halfway house, usually as part of a court order or plea agreement.

The Benefits of Sober Living

For people new to recovery, the difference between a sober living house and halfway houses is mostly minor. If they need more time to solidify their sobriety, then it will be in a sober living home. While living there, they will have to follow these rules:

  • Zero tolerance for alcohol use or drug use without a prescription
  • They must submit to random drug testing
  • They must attend designated meetings and counseling session
  • No inappropriate fraternization with other residents
  • Must take care of daily chores within the home

If a resident follows these rules and makes good progress, they will eventually get more freedom and responsibilities. When they finally reach the point they are ready to fly on their own, they are free to leave and test their sober wings.

The Ranch PA and Aftercare

As a top addiction treatment facility, we are also big proponents of aftercare programs. We have the resources necessary to refer clients to a trusted, sober living house in Hanover, PA. We also provide a full range of addiction treatment services, including:

With a clearer understanding of the difference between a sober living house and halfway houses, we hope you know there is also assistance for you after treatment. First, you need to arrest your addiction, and that’s something we can help you with at The Ranch PA. Call us for more information at 717.969.9126.

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