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OxyContin Addiction Treatment Center

Oxycodone, sometimes known as OxyContin, oxycodone, hillbilly heroin, oxy, OC, and kicker, is an opiate derived from morphine and is legally prescribed for pain relief. Found in the prescription drug OxyContin, it is a Schedule II narcotic analgesic, is highly addictive, and abusers usually require the help of an OxyContin treatment center to sustain a life-lasting recovery. Oxycodone is found either alone in a controlled release formulation (OxyContin) or in an immediate release formulation (OxylR, OxyFast). It can also be found in combination with other non-narcotic analgesics such as aspirin (Percodan) or acetaminophen (Percocet). OxyContin was introduced in 1996 and has escalated in abuse ever since; OxyContin addiction treatment centers help abusers kick this life-threatening habit. At The Ranch PA, our OxyContin rehab professionals specialize in helping our clients recover physically, psychologically, and spiritually from the damage opiate addiction causes. Our trained and compassionate therapists will design an individualized OxyContin rehabilitation program specifically for your needs, including many of today’s most progressive and successful treatment techniques, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Learn more about The Ranch PA’s small, community-oriented environment, and find out how you can reengage with the people and activities you love the most, starting today. The Short and Long-Term Effects of OxyContin Convincing an addict to get OxyContin addiction help is often challenging because users suffer from very real symptoms of pain and withdrawal. A false sense of security can also result from having a doctor’s prescription. OxyContin use leads to sedation, euphoria, respiratory depression, papillary constriction, and cough suppression. The effects of OxyContin can last 8-12 hours; however, if taking oxycodone alone, the effects generally last up to 5 hours. Taking a large single dose of oxycodone could cause severe respiratory depression leading to death. Continuing abuse of OxyContin or oxycodone creates a tolerance in the user, forcing an addict to take higher doses to achieve the same initial effects. Trying to quit OxyContin unassisted is unwise; for the best possible outcome, securing professional treatment for OxyContin addiction is the surest course of action. OxyContin Rehabilitation at The Ranch PA Convincing an addict to enter OxyContin rehabilitation treatment to receive help for their addiction is crucial. Many individuals who struggle with addiction refuse to believe they are suffering from a substance abuse problem, especially if the drugs were obtained legally. Nevertheless, when the original symptoms of pain have abated and the user is taking the drug to avoid the symptoms of withdrawal or for recreational purposes, getting oxy addiction help can make the difference between life and death. For a safe, medically supervised detox and to undergo treatment for oxycodone rehabilitation, please call us at 1-877-548-4794. Photo via

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