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Pain Management Means Freedom

If you’re living with pain, you’re not alone. Millions of adults live with pain, and many of them begin self-medicating, often leading to addiction. Pain medications themselves are highly addictive because of their effect on the brain. They require more and more to experience the same effects. Getting your life back and managing your pain effectively and safely is possible. Our pain management program, as part of our substance abuse treatment, has 5 components: detox, custom treatment plan, physical healing, understanding your addiction, and the tools you need to fight it.

Detox with Pain Management Issues

Detoxing while addicted to pain medication requires the special attention of medical professionals. You may experience some discomfort as your body no longer has the medications that it has grown accustomed to. As you detox, your pain is regularly assessed and addressed through medical and holistic care to ensure you are as comfortable as possible during the process.

Treatment Based on Your Unique Needs

As your pain is identified and monitored, The Ranch PA’s medical team is able to determine if your pain is chronic or acute. Based on this determination, a treatment plan can be designed just for you. Your custom treatment plan will include pain management while addressing the underlying issues that contribute to your physical pain.

Restore Your Physical Health

Through a variety of healing modalities, including fitness training, occupational therapy, acupuncture, and nutrition education, you will enjoy physical healing while restoring your functionality. When you are in touch with your body’s natural comfort levels, you will begin to experience less pain, reducing any need for pain medication.

Understand Your Addiction

As you regain your physical strength, you’ll have the opportunity to devote your energy to understanding your addiction. Your individual treatment plan will also address the underlying issues that resulted in your addiction using various therapies including cognitive, psychotherapy, family therapy, and spiritual therapy.

Tools to Guide You on Your Path to Recovery

As you peel away the layers, you’ll expose the underlying triggers of your addiction. With the tools you receive, you’ll know how to manage your pain in a positive, healing way, without succumbing to unhealthy reliance on pain medications. To live without the burden of pain and medication is freedom—and with the help of our medical team, you can begin to live your life again fully. Photo: The Ranch PA

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