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Palcohol: The Newest Way to Consume Alcohol Presents Real Dangers

The newest way to consume alcohol will most likely be available for purchase in the U.S. later this year. Palcohol is freeze-dried alcohol, pulverized into powder form. It will be sold in small packets with a variety of flavorings. The idea behind Palcohol is convenience. This convenience, however, comes with many real concerns. Easier Access Can Mean Greater Problems The creator of Palcohol invented the product because he enjoyed having a drink after hiking to his destination. What he didn’t love was carrying bottles of booze. Palcohol was the answer: an easier way to be able to drink. Palcohol will enable drinkers to bring these small packets into places they were not able or allowed to bring liquid forms of alcohol. From planes to entertainment venues, people will be able to purchase water and mix it with Palcohol to create a drink, wherever they are. With this greater access comes a variety of problems, from over-consumption and more instances of drunk driving to inebriated people in situations they normally would not be. The problem becomes even more challenging for those suffering from alcohol addiction. Places that were once considered alcohol-free can easily become a new place to drink due to Palcohol. Easy to Misuse and Abuse The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau is requiring new labels that clearly explain how to use Palcohol. They are concerned that end-users won’t know how to properly consume it, leading to inadvertent over-consumption. Not only is misuse a concern, but so is abuse. The product is only meant to be mixed with water, but people may try to snort it as they would with cocaine or mix it with an already alcoholic drink. The company that makes Palcohol even suggests that users add the powder to foods for an “extra kick.” There is no research on how Palcohol affects the body when misused, such as snorting. What we do know is doing so could cause significant impairment as it bypasses the circulatory system and goes straight to the brain. Alluring to Kids Palcohol’s powder form is a concern, as it is similar to flavored sugar candy that is popular among kids. It will also be available in different flavors, such as lemon drop. There is no doubt that children will find this form of alcohol enticing and exciting, especially because of its novelty. In fact, it has already gotten the name “the Kool-Aid of teen binge drinking.” Given how easy it is to conceal the small packets — especially compared to a bottle of alcohol or a can of beer — there are serious concerns with underage drinkers ingesting Palcohol. Unlike larger bottles of liquor, wine and beer, these small packets have the potential to be easily passed from person to person almost unseen. What We Know While there is no way to determine how much Palcohol will negatively affect lives and society as a whole, we do know alcohol that appeals to underage drinkers is easier to access and provides a way for increased consumption. It becomes even more dangerous for individuals struggling with alcohol addiction or a risk for developing an addiction. If you know someone who has tried Palcohol or you would like to learn more about the potential risks, contact The Ranch PA today. (photo via)

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