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How a Residential Treatment Facility Can Improve Your Treatment

If you’re thinking about what type of substance abuse treatment you want to pursue, here are five reasons residential treatment facilities are the best option: Create a Buffer Being able to distance yourself from your previous lifestyle and habits makes it easier to transition into the path to recovery. If you’re living at home and trying to get sober, you’re constantly going to be surrounded by triggers and temptations. While you will eventually have to face the challenges of the “real world,” going through residential treatment means you’ll have the skills you need to cope with those challenges in a positive way. Constant Support People who try to get sober outside of a residential treatment facility generally take one of two approaches. They either try to do it all on their own without any support, or they attend meetings or a support group on a regular basis. While people who join a meeting or group generally have someone they can call if they feel in trouble, hearing someone’s voice on the phone isn’t the same as having access to ongoing support at a residential treatment center. More Time Whether it’s getting great at a sport or completing a PhD thesis, most things worth doing take a significant amount of time. Substance abuse recovery is no different. The more time you have to devote to recovery, the more you’ll be able to put yourself in a position to enjoy life-lasting success. Although outpatient treatment options require you to continue juggling a full plate, residential treatment provides exactly the type of environment you need in order to fully focus on recovery. Wider Range of Treatment OptionsCognitive Behavioral, Art, and Music Therapies are just a few examples of the type of multi-disciplinary and multi-sensory treatment options that are available in a residential care facility. A Sense of Community As discussed in the last point, residential treatment provides an opportunity for truly individual treatment. But because it also involves intimate group sessions, you will also be able to experience a sense of community and have an opportunity to bond with others. Thanks to all the benefits residential care provides, choosing it for your treatment will empower you to have a life that’s centered around healthy decisions. Image: The Cottages at The Ranch PA

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