signs of roxycodone abuse

Signs of Roxycodone Abuse

Everyone knows what opioids are, but not many people know the different brands of opioid medications that can be prescribed for medical purposes. This knowledge gap can lead to more cases of opioid abuse and addiction in the United States and be a factor in the current opioid crisis. For example, Roxicodone is often misspelled as “roxycodone” and called “roxies,” but it’s not very often connected to the opioid crisis—as much as heroin and other opioids are. But, just like any other opioid medication, Roxicodone can be highly addictive and lead to substance abuse if not taken as prescribed.  

Recognizing the signs of roxycodone abuse can be the first step toward recovery. At Recovery Ranch PA, we offer compassionate and professional substance abuse treatment to help individuals reclaim their lives from addiction. Contact us online or call 717.969.9126 to speak with someone from our experienced and knowledgeable team about Roxicodone and how we can help you or your loved one overcome substance abuse and addiction. 

What Is Roxicodone? 

Roxicodone is a brand name for the drug oxycodone. Also called roxies, this is a potent opioid prescribed for managing severe pain related to the following conditions: 

  • Cancer 
  • Post-surgery recovery 
  • Chronic pain conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia.  

Roxicodone is an opioid agonist, meaning that it binds to receptors in the brain and blocks the sensation of pain. However, this also produces a high that can be addictive for some people. While it serves a valid medical purpose, its high potential for addiction and misuse makes it a significant concern in the realm of substance abuse. 

What Are the Signs of Roxycodone Abuse? 

Identifying roxycodone abuse can be challenging, particularly if the person abusing the drug has a legitimate prescription. However, specific signs and symptoms can indicate misuse: 

  • Behavioral changes – Individuals may exhibit secretive behavior, isolation, or dramatic mood swings. 
  • Physical symptoms – These may include drowsiness, constricted pupils, and slowed breathing. 
  • Psychological signs – People using roxies may display anxiety, agitation, or paranoia. 
  • Social changes – Drug abuse can alter a person’s habits and relationships. They may withdraw from family and friends and lose interest in activities they once enjoyed. 
  • Neglect of responsibilities – A sudden lack of attention to work or school obligations may signal a problem. 

Some people may also show more pronounced symptoms like injecting roxies or engaging in illegal activities, such as stealing to obtain the drug. If you’re unsure whether someone you know is abusing Roxicodone, it’s best to reach out for professional help. 

What Are the Dangers of Roxicodone Abuse? 

Roxycodone abuse poses serious health risks, including: 

  • Overdose – High doses of Roxicodone can lead to overdose, which could be fatal. 
  • Mental health issues – Chronic use can exacerbate underlying mental health conditions like depression or anxiety. 
  • Addiction – The highly addictive nature of Roxycodone can lead to dependence, where the body requires the drug to function normally. 

Like any opioid addiction, a problem with Roxicodone necessitates professional help. It is dangerous to detox from opioids without medical supervision, as withdrawal symptoms can be severe and potentially life-threatening. 

Why Is Substance Abuse Treatment Essential? 

Substance abuse treatment is crucial for overcoming roxycodone abuse and addiction. At Recovery Ranch PA, we provide a comprehensive range of programs tailored to meet individual needs, including: 

  • Medical detox 
  • Inpatient rehab 
  • Co-occurring disorders treatment 
  • Aftercare and alumni programs 

Our approach to substance abuse treatment focuses on addressing the underlying causes of addiction, providing evidence-based therapies, and fostering a supportive and nurturing environment to aid in recovery. We understand the complexity of addiction and offer individualized care to help individuals achieve long-term sobriety. Our team is committed to guiding individuals through every step of the recovery journey, from detox to aftercare.  

Enroll in Substance Abuse Treatment at Recovery Ranch PA 

If you or a loved one are showing signs of roxycodone abuse and addiction, it’s time to seek help. Recovery Ranch PA in Wrightsville, Pennsylvania, is here to provide the necessary care and support. Our experienced and knowledgeable team is ready to guide you on your journey to recovery. Contact us online or call 717.969.9126 today to start your path toward a healthier future. 

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