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Here’s to a Happy and Sober New Years in 2020

It is a time of year when we look back and reflect. For many of us, that will be a recollection of a journey, one of recovery. For others, who are in a program of recovery, that can look like a hard year that may end with hope. They’ll also be looking to have a sober New Years. For all of us, this time of year means looking ahead as well, with that same kind of hope.

This time of year also presents some unique challenges for those who have dealt with and who are dealing with addiction. We all need to be a bit more cautious on New Year’s Eve, from increased crime to simply more people and traffic. Some of those people and some of that traffic could also be some goof who is high or on something. We know because we used to be those “goofs,” didn’t we? Today is a better day, a healthier and happier day, with the hope of a memorable New Year’s Eve and for a beautiful New Year.

Cheers to a Sober New Years

There are many reasons to cheer this New Years Day and the new year ahead. How long ago was it when you spent your New Year’s celebration alone, or incarcerated, or hunting for your fix? Now, we can see a future, a hope, a life we are building, or in the process of building with each sober day that passes. This New Year’s we celebrate this life, but we will also protect it and the future this time of year promises.

Protecting our sobriety and our life, along with the hope of the New Year, means using the tools we’ve learned and are learning. We apply the principles of honesty and integrity and hold ourselves to the practice of accountability. This New Year’s, we will celebrate with every ounce of joy and gratitude we have because for those on this journey, there are many things to be grateful for and many reasons for joy.

Cheers to a Happy New Years

Those of us on the other side of recovery know that having a sober New Year’s equates to having a happy New Year, so we celebrate with wisdom. It is so important to always be mindful of potential pitfalls or triggers, especially in early recovery and even more so during a time when the entire world celebrates.

So as we say goodbye to this year and welcome another New Year, along with all the New Year’s celebrations, activities, and parties, remember it is sobriety that has given us this New Year. Plan wisely, talk to your sponsor, and stay plugged-in to your program during this season of fun and festivity, so you can enjoy every moment and celebrate 2020 the right way!

Help and Hope in a New Year

Unfortunately, this year, there are people still fighting and still losing their battle with addiction. That may even be you. Is there a better time than now to start a new year and a new life? If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, there is help.

Make this the year that you end addiction, and make that decision today. If you want help with addiction and are ready to start a New Year and a new life, then call Recovery Ranch PA now at 717.969.9126 and get the hope, the help, and the recovery you need. Make it a New Year to remember, and a New Year you can remember and make it a Sober New Year’s this year!

Have a sober, happy, and safe New Year from all of us at the Recovery Ranch PA.

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