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5 Sober St. Patty’s Day Activities

St. Patrick’s Day does not have to be synonymous with drinking alcohol. Celebrating the Irish tradition sober is a great way to become closer to your heritage, friends, and family members. To give you some ideas on what you can do on St. Patty’s day that doesn’t involve drinking, here are 5 activities. Chances are, you will have more fun staying sober than those who drink!

Go (Or Be In) a Parade

Attending a St. Patrick’s Day parade is a great way to spend a few hours during the day with your friends and family. Watch Irish floats pass by as you listen to Celtic music being played. Are you Irish? If so, join in on the parade and dress up in Celtic attire and ride on one of the floats.

Everything Green

If you have to go to work on St. Patrick’s Day, have fun and dress up in different shades of green. Want to take the color green to the next level? Spray your hair green, wear lime green fashion contacts or paint your skin a lovely shade of green.

Eat Irish Food

Invite your friends and family members over for an Irish feast, and enjoy corned beef and cabbage, potato dishes, Irish stew, and currant cake. Have a little fun with the food by dying it green. Drink lime green juice or dye soda pop green for guests to drink.

Hunt for Four-Leaf Clovers

Bring your family to a field and search for the infamous four-leaf clover. Finding one might just bring you hope, love and a little luck!

Read an Irish Legend

The Irish have many myths and urban legends that have been passed down from generation to generation. Gather up friends and family members around the fireplace and take turns in reading an Irish legend. This is a great way to finish the day celebrating St. Patrick’s with people you love while staying sober. (Photo via)

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