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Decision Made – Staying Sober During The COVID-19 Outbreak

A wise quarantine resolution–stay sober. Yet it may be challenging to keep this promise to yourself. However, staying sober during coronavirus can be difficult especially if you’re someone in recovery or fresh out of treatment.

You’ve made your decision to quit using drugs or abusing alcohol. You’ve made your decision to take control of your mental illness by seeking treatment and following through. This COVID-19 outbreak has thrown a monkey wrench in a lot of people’s lives. While we are grateful for still being alive amidst so much death and turmoil, it’s important to stay sober. Staying sober during coronavirus is doable. This time, know you are not alone with Recovery Ranch PA at your side.

What Resources Are Available To Help With Staying Sober During Coronavirus

Your union may be a resource that you can use to stay sober. Believe it or not, staying sober during coronavirus is a challenge for many professionals. So much so, the International Association of Fire Fighters put out a newsletter for their membership. In a nutshell, it describes the obstacles to staying sober and some very interesting resources to maintain your sobriety. While not everyone has a work association to turn towards, there are other support communities available.

Some individuals can turn to their church or faith-based group to help them stay sober. Still, others who are newly out of treatment may belong to an aftercare or alumni program.

A Major Obstacle To Maintaining Sobriety

Inherent schedule changes – At the beginning of your sobriety, it is imperative to have a consistent schedule. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, your schedule may be pretty much in your own hands. This particular issue works two-fold. The virus is offsetting many people who are struggling to maintain their sobriety. When it comes to essential workers, you may be home during this time because you are in quarantine due to the possibility of infection. On the other hand, if you are not in imminent risk, you might be working a lot of overtime to make up for the loss of essential workers. At any rate, it is an obstruction to your schedule.

You’re worth the time. Sit down and set up a schedule that is important to you. Whether it’s getting landscaping or gardening done, or working with the children on their schoolwork. Keep yourself busy during this time and write down your schedule so that you can maintain normalcy.

The Solution Is In Your Hands

Chances are your treatment has been disrupted. Either your AA or NA meetings are canceled due to the social distancing mandates, or your treatment has been canceled. To have a fighting chance of staying sober during coronavirus, find alternatives. Telemental is receiving your mental health treatment via technology. You can see your therapist online via your cell phone, tablet, or hard drive computer. Where there’s a will, there is a way, and you have to strive to maintain your sobriety. Staying sober during coronavirus is still within your reach despite the challenges

Staying Sober During Coronavirus With Recovery Ranch PA

We have updated our infection protection protocols to adhere to this unprecedented time. Yes, you can enter Recovery Ranch PA during the quarantine. Staying sober during coronavirus is an important goal for you, and it is an important goal for Recovery Ranch PA. The following is a list of some offerings you’ll find here:

Don’t delay! Staying sober during coronavirus takes effort on your part. Come on in the recovery is fine at Recovery Ranch, PA. Contact us at 717.969.9126 today!

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