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Substance Abuse Treatment Needed for Wealthy As Well As Poor

The statistics are staggering. A 2010 survey conducted by The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration reports that during this year an estimated 22.6 million Americans engaged in illicit drug use, roughly 58.6 million participated in binge drinking, and approximately 16.9 million admitted to heavy drinking. These numbers portray a problem that afflicts the wealthy, as well as the poor.

The Surprising Need for Executive Alcohol Rehab

It is common to stereotype substance abusers as all belonging to a certain socioeconomic group. This stereotype is debunked by The Examiner, which notes the Washington D.C. rates for drug and alcohol abuse top the nation and those participating in the abuse represent every social stratum in the city. Part of the jobs of lobbyists and politicians involve socializing at events where alcoholic beverages are served. Such functions often lead to overindulgence, even to the extent of abuse. Because their drinking is related to their work, it is more difficult for them to realize they have a serious abuse issue. It is important that those in these high positions seek substance abuse treatment to learn how to recognize and address their problem. Executive alcohol rehab provides the solution executives need.

An Expert’s Admonition

Dr. Daniel Lieberman, of George Washington University, states that stress from poverty as well as high pressured careers can result in drug abuse. He elaborates that the abuse often results in a visit to the emergency room for immediate treatment and that the best chance for life-lasting success is to get to substance abuse treatment facilities within a few days following the hospitalization. The wealthy and powerful are not immune to drug and alcohol abuse issues. Trained professionals can help them deal with the unique characteristics of their jobs and lifestyle that make them vulnerable to addictions. The Ranch PA is the optimal place for seeking recovery. (photo via)

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