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Supporting Your Loved One After Rehab: Tips to Get You Through

A stay in rehab is trying for you and your loved one. The struggle with addiction, the pains of withdrawal and the rehabilitation therapy process involves a lot of stress and emotions. This is why after completing a recovery program your loved one needs your support more than ever.

How to Help

You may be feeling strong emotions as well, and you may feel unsure of how to best support your loved one. When in doubt, remember these pointers to help you and your loved one through this challenging time.

    • Remind yourself of your loved one’s struggle. Remember their hardships before rehab and the process and effort they put forth during rehabilitation. This should help you feel more aware of their situation and what they are going through.
    • Know that boredom is very risky during this sensitive time. Try to keep them occupied with positive activities, whether it’s going to a movie, playing board games or engaging in fun outdoor activities. The more they stay busy, the less likely they are to feel depressed or think of drugs or alcohol.
    • Understand the difference between a “lapse” and a “relapse.” Trying the drug again after rehab is called a lapse and is simply a mistake or “lapse” of judgment. If this occurs, offer support rather than negativity. A relapse is when a lapse turns into a continuous use of the drug. Your support during a lapse could help prevent a relapse.

Stick Together

The best thing you have to offer is unconditional love and support. Having someone to count on makes it more likely your loved one will be successful in their fight against addiction. You and your loved one can work together during the path to recovery. Understand while it is not always easy, it is worth it. (Photo via)

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