am I an alcoholic

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Stages of Alcoholism

Stages of AlcoholismThe stages of alcoholism can develop rapidly and the physical, social, and emotional consequences can lead to serious problems. Regardless of how quickly or slowly you go through the stages of alcoholism, recovery is possible with proper alcohol addiction treatment.Alcohol is a quintessential part of holiday celebrations, nightlife, and sporting events. Although alcohol …

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Is Alcoholism Hereditary?

Is Alcoholism Hereditary?Being born to a mother who drank during pregnancy or having other alcoholic family members increases your risk of alcoholism. Is alcoholism hereditary? Regardless of the roots of your alcoholism, The Ranch PA offers alcohol addiction treatment that will help you recover.Drinking is common in the United States, with 86.3% of adults consuming …

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Long Term Effects of Alcohol

Long Term Effects of AlcoholAlcohol remains one of the most popular psychoactive substances in the United States, with more than half of all adults drinking on at least a monthly basis. While alcohol is legal to purchase and consume and is popular at many social events, parties, and sports games, it has the potential to …

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Have You Asked Am I an Alcoholic?

Have you ever asked yourself the question, am I an alcoholic? Addictions, like alcoholism, isn’t always as obvious as it is portrayed on television or in the movies. Not everyone suffering from alcoholism lives in a homeless camp, or under a bridge, in fact, many of them likely works alongside you every day. Granted, many …

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