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An Unfortunate Cycle of Addiction

Drug addiction is devastating not only for the person struggling with addiction but also for those who are close to that person. For the children of those who suffer from addiction, this statement rings truer than for most. The sad fact is that children of people with a drug addiction far too often grow up to become addicted themselves because of the environment that they grew up in. Read on to learn more about how the cycle of addiction starts and what you can do to prevent it.

Family Court in Clark County, NV

Nevada’s Clark County family court has noticed this alarming cycle with its residents. Officials remove children from homes with drug abuse, often for neglect, in an attempt to provide these children with better conditions and hope for the future. Unfortunately, many of these children who enter the system for protection will return later as a defendant. Their children have now been removed from the home, just as they were, and for the same reasons. This is due to the unfortunate cycle of addiction in many homes and families. Clark County is trying to implement a parent mentoring program geared toward parents struggling with drug addiction. However, the success of such a program remains to be seen. All anyone knows for certain is that something has to be done. The generational cycle of addiction must be broken. We must better equip parents and children with the tools to fight addiction before it even happens.

Why Addiction Cycles Through Generations

Some experts believe the tendency toward addiction has some genetic influence, although genes alone are not enough to create addiction. A person must first try a substance before addiction can form. Once addiction has a stronghold on a person, breaking the addiction is anything but easy. Some wonder why an adult would even try drugs if they lived through the misery of a drug-addicted parent. Why would that person want to put his or her children through the same experiences? The cycle of addiction often takes place simply because children of addicts often grow up in a similar environment to their parents, one that encouraged the abuse of drugs. In most cases, the parent does not purposefully neglect the child or even encourage their addiction. However, the child may be interested in trying drugs because they are curious about why drugs were so important to his or her own parents. Pressure from circumstances or friends may also lead to experimentation. Before you know it, the cycle of addiction has started again in a family. This is what causes addiction cycles through generations and is why the court must become involved. It is important to remove the child from any environment with drug use and stop the cycle before it has a chance to repeat itself.

Support for Families of Drug Addiction

While long term drug rehab is vital to those with immediate addiction, it may also be helpful for the children of those individuals. While the child will not need the physical recovery aspect of the program, understanding drug abuse and ways to cope without drugs despite the circumstances could be crucial in the process of breaking the generational cycle of dependency. It can also help the child forgive his or her parents and move on with healthier ways of thinking. At The Ranch PA, we offer you long term rehab programs as we find them to be much more successful than short term solutions. We are here so you can find your path to recovery. If you struggle with alcohol or drug addiction, please contact us at 717.969.9126 for help today.

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