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What Are Co-Occurring Disorders?

You are struggling with alcohol or drug use. It’s taking over your life. At the same time, you’re also battling depression and anxiety. You could have co-occurring disorders. What are co-occurring disorders, and why should you care? At Recovery Ranch PA, we offer treatment that’s designed to help you manage all aspects of your mental health.

So What Are Co-Occurring Disorders?

The term is somewhat self-explanatory. A person with co-occurring disorders suffers from both mental health challenges and addiction. It’s important to know this because treatment for one and not the other can limit the success of your therapy. That’s why it is so important to understand what are co-occurring disorders and their impact on yourself and your treatment.

What Came First?

It’s not always known what happened first. Mental health disorders can occur first, leading a person to use drugs and alcohol to treat the symptoms they feel. In other cases, the use of drugs or alcohol can trigger an undiagnosed mental health disorder, especially one that may have a genetic link. Determining which occurred first is somewhat important, but not as important as creating a cohesive plan for dealing with both at the same time.

What Happens in Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

What are co-occurring disorders treatment options? This type of treatment is called dual diagnosis. It manages both components of your addiction and mental health, giving you the tools you need to manage everything you’re facing. At Recovery Ranch PA, your treatment may include:

The goal of your care is to create a comprehensive and individualized treatment plan to address what you are facing. That may mean learning more about your mental health needs. You may need help with depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder. Some people also have complications with bipolar disorder. Some people have trauma-specific mental health challenges and use drugs or alcohol to deal with the results.

It’s also important to break the physical dependence brought on by drug and alcohol use. You’ll need to work with your team to learn how to manage the negative thought processes that lead you to use.

What Are Co-Occurring Disorders? Do You Really Need Help?

Many people think they can stop using drugs and alcohol whenever they desire. Others believe they can manage their mental illness on their own. The fact is, you are not likely to be able to do this well for long. In fact, many individuals who attempt to heal from mental health issues end up worsening the conditions. Similarly, when individuals attempt to self-detox or overcome their addiction in isolation they fail and endanger themselves and others. Instead of allowing it to spiral out of your control, it may be time to find the support you need.

At Recovery Ranch PA, we can help you to achieve that goal. With an array of therapeutic options, we make sure every individual gets the necessary and unique treatment they need. Because everyone’s relationship to addiction is different, the causes and triggers, everyone’s path to recovery will be different. Reach out to us to learn more about the programs and treatment methods that are right for your situation.

Comprehensive Treatment Is Available at Recovery Ranch PA

You’re facing incredible challenges. Your path is difficult for you right now, but there is hope. What are co-occurring disorders doing to you and your future? You can stop their impact by reaching out to Recovery Ranch PA for comprehensive treatment. So call our dual diagnosis therapists at 717.969.9126 to find the support you need.

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