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What Is BORG Drinking?

BORG drinking is a new trend popular among Gen Z college students and young adults. It is a form of binge drinking that involves a homemade cocktail mixed and drank from a gallon jug. This method of drinking straight from a gallon jug means the drinker knows what is in their drink and can consume a lot throughout an evening without refills or the danger of someone slipping something in their glass. The alcohol tends to be diluted with water. However, even if diluted, drinking the contents of an entire gallon jug in a single night is the equivalent of about 16 standard alcoholic drinks. The trend may be popular, but BORG drinking is not safe.

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What Is BORG Drinking?

BORG stands for “blackout rage gallon.” As the name implies, blackout is a dangerous possibility for anyone who engages in the BORG drinking trend. That’s because ingesting nearly a gallon of alcohol is too much for a single evening. 

The BORG drinking trend has quickly gained popularity because users say it allows them to drink a lot in an evening without a nasty hangover the next day. The hangover avoidance is supposed to come from the cocktail that is mixed. With BORG drinking, you start with a gallon jug of water, empty some of the water, and then mix in alcohol, flavorings, and electrolytes. 

These latter ingredients are supposed to help you avoid a nasty hangover the next day. So despite being given the heavy-metal name of blackout rage gallon, BORG drinking is potentially safer than other forms of binge drinking. But slightly safer on an absolute scale of danger is not a worthwhile goal. Instead, it’s essential to talk with your teens about safe drinking behavior and how BORG drinking is still dangerous, even if it gives an individual user more control over what’s in their drink.

Dangers of BORG Drinking

What are the dangers of BORG drinking you should communicate to your teens and college students? They include the following:

  • Blackouts – Any drinking amount leading to a blackout is inherently unsafe. That level of drinking can lead to brain damage, mental health issues, and even death in extreme circumstances. 
  • Alcohol poisoning – Ingesting an entire BORG in an evening is like having about 16 alcoholic drinks. That’s an enormous amount of alcohol that can often lead to alcohol poisoning. 
  • Risky behaviors – Beyond self-harm, binge drinking is connected to sexual assault, drunk driving, and misconduct. While it’s easy to think nobody except for yourself can get hurt from binge drinking, taking a community-based view of drinking behavior is vital.
  • Addiction – Another danger of BORG drinking is dependence and potential addiction. Repeatedly using alcohol at unsafe levels is a recipe for an alcohol use disorder.

Almost by definition, someone who engages in BORG drinking often has abandoned the idea of safe drinking behavior. 

Address Alcohol Use Disorder at Recovery Ranch PA

Recovery Ranch PA is a substance abuse treatment center in Pennsylvania. Our caring and compassionate team understands the dangers of alcohol abuse and knows how to treat addiction comprehensively. If your teen is struggling with BORG drinking, begin a conversation with them about what healthy behavior looks like. Prioritize their safety. If it seems they cannot stop themselves from dangerous drinking, it could mean they need professional treatment for an alcohol use disorder. Contact Recovery Ranch PA today at 717.969.9126 to learn more about BORG drinking and how our center treats alcohol addiction.

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