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What is Rehab Really Like?

If you are thinking about going to rehab, but you’re concerned about what residential recovery is really like, you’re not alone. Many people resist getting the help they need out of fear of the unknown. You might be worried about the side effects of detox. You might be overwhelmed by not knowing how you’ll spend your time once you’re sober. No matter how alone you feel now, there is a community waiting to welcome you with open arms — both during and after recovery. What is a Holistic Rehab Like? If you’re addicted to alcohol or drugs, then you probably notice certain symptoms when you try to slow down or quit. Many people who use drugs and alcohol find these feelings so intolerable that going back to using seems like the only choice. When you go to rehab, you can detox safely and get through those difficult symptoms more comfortably. How long this process takes depends on the substance or substances you use and how much you use. A high quality rehab center can help you sleep, eat, and relax, under qualified 24-hour care. Detox is only a small part of what happens in a holistic rehab. A holistic rehab helps you feel better physically, mentally, and spiritually. For example, at The Ranch PA, you can get therapy for issues such as depression, PTSD, and anxiety. You can practice avoidance and coping skills that make managing cravings easier. You can also get help rebuilding important relationships and gain a healthier perspective on life. At rehab, you can start making smarter decisions. Who Goes to Rehab?                           If you think only celebrities go to rehab, think again. Addiction does not recognize societal boundaries. Stay-at-home moms, senior executives, teenagers, older adults, teachers, athletes — a diverse range of people are in rehab right now. Addiction equalizes everyone who suffers from it. Is There Such a Thing as Guaranteed Sobriety? Addiction professionals wish desperately there were such a thing as guaranteed sobriety. Unfortunately, the science on substance abuse is still emerging. When Alcoholics Anonymous launched in the early 20th century, people assumed addiction was a character defect. Today, we know that addiction has strong genetic, mental health, and environmental components. Although we understand more about substance abuse than ever before, there is no cure for addiction — but there is treatment, and many people who were once addicted now live and enjoy abstinent lifestyles. It is difficult to know with certainty the effectiveness of a particular treatment program, and not every program defines success equally. What we do know is that people who commit to long-term, individualized treatment are more likely to achieve long-lasting sobriety. If you or someone you know is considering going to rehab, call The Ranch PA  at 1-844-326-3234 now for more information. (photo via)  

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