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What You Can Learn From Garrett Reid’s Passing

Philadelphia Eagle’s Coach Andy Reid has sadly lost his oldest son, Garrett Reid. Garrett was found unresponsive in his room at the Eagle’s training camp on August 5, 2012. Garrett had struggled with drug addiction since he started using illegal substances in 2001. And he been to a rehabilitation center as well as having spent time in prison.

Rehab is the Beginning

While Garrett’s passing is heartbreaking, there is a lesson to be learned from this situation. Garrett sought help for his addiction after his heroin use resulted in a car accident that hospitalized an innocent woman. Garrett was not completely cured during his treatment stay, and his case makes it apparent rehab isn’t an instant fix, rather the beginning of a life-long journey. The truth is pieces of your addiction stay with you, even if you have been through a rehabilitation program. Rehab gives you the tools and strength you need to address your addiction, but the urges don’t disappear. Over time, you continue to become stronger but must always take care of yourself to maintain your sobriety and health.

Winning the Struggle

It is not impossible to live a life free of drug and alcohol abuse. With the guidance of rehab, you can learn how to cope with your urges so you don’t fall into temptation. Rehab can’t “fix” you, but you can work to make yourself stronger and healthier through fighting your addiction, to lead a successful path to lifelong recovery. Garrett’s struggle with drug addiction lasted over five years. In this time he and his family experienced pain and heartbreak. Garrett also hurt the woman and her family from his car accident while being under the influence. And, in the end, Garrett’s death hurts family, friends and sports fans everywhere.

Work for Recovery

Conquering an addiction is hard work, but it is worth it to not only save your own life, but also to protect your loved ones from the pain of watching you suffer. You cannot expect rehabilitation treatment to cure you, but it can equip you with the tools you need to get clean, stay clean and keep yourself healthy.

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