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When to Go to Rehab

“When should I go to rehab?” It is a question many people who are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol ask. In general, it is best to assume that if you are asking the question, it is probably the right time to seriously consider contacting a recovery center. After all, if the problem is one you are ready to address, there is no time like the present. Some of the biggest red flags that it is time to go to rehab include:

  •  You cannot control your desires to drink alcohol or use drugs. Instead, you feel like your addiction is controlling you.
  •  You have begun to think about hurting yourself or others.
  • You have already done something illegal (and perhaps you were caught), or are tempted to do something illegal.
  •  The people around you are saying you need to go to rehab.
  •  A medical professional has told you without rehab, you are in danger of dying or becoming seriously ill.
  •  You hear commercials for rehab/recovery and wish you could feel healthy again.
  • You are ready to take charge of your life.
  • A loved one has gone to rehab and is encouraging you to follow suit.
  •  You want to enjoy relationships and build friendships.

These are all huge indicators you are in the right place to go to rehab and should make a call as soon as possible. Why People Talk Themselves Out of Rehab It can be tempting to talk yourself out of going to rehab, even when all the signs are there. Some of the reasons behind avoiding rehab seem to make sense at first but are really just excuses: “I’ll miss my son’s birthday.” — What better birthday present could you give a child than a parent who is healthy and able to participate fully in day-to-day activities? There will always be birthdays, holidays, etc. “My parent/spouse/friend needs my daily help.” — If you are a hands-on helper for someone you care about, you may feel like you are alienating that person by attending rehab. However, you are doing him or her a huge favor. When you return from rehab, you will be able to give all of yourself, not some of yourself. “My parents are dying.” — Death is a reality that we all must face, but if you are waiting to go to rehab until a parent dies, you are only prolonging your own misery. Your dying parent will understand that getting your life on track is critical. “I’ll miss my daughter’s wedding.” — Without rehab, you might miss other celebrations, such as the birth of a grandchild, or the chance to have a wonderful relationship with your family. Your daughter would rather have a parent who was not addicted than have an addicted parent at her wedding. No More Excuses If you have been making excuses for not going to rehab, despite the fact that you understand on a deeper level that you need help, pick up the phone and call a reputable addiction recovery inpatient center. Today will mark the beginning of your journey to sobriety.

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