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Addiction Hurts Your Body AND Your Wallet

The physical effects of addiction are obvious: sickness, withdrawal, weight loss, etc. But an addiction to drugs or alcohol affects more than your health. Addiction takes a major toll on a person’s finances, especially if the addiction lasts over several years or even a life time.

The Cost of a Fix

The price of addictive substances doesn’t seem like much at the time of purchase, but regular use adds up fast. For example, a person who buys just one six pack of beer a week will spend $212.20 a year on beer alone. An alcoholic, however, is more likely to buy at least three six packs a week, which will cost $633.60 a year. Still doesn’t sound like much? If that same person drinks for a ten-year span, they will have spent $6,336 on beer alone. Add in the liquor, round of shots and fancy margaritas, and you’re looking at a whole lot of money. Illegal drugs cost even more. For example, over a ten-year span, a regular marijuana user will spend about $9,720 on marijuana alone. A cocaine user will spend $8,928 in only ONE year, and a heroin user will spend $10,032! Add in the fact many users abuse multiple drugs and you’re looking at thousands upon thousands of dollars.

Life Style Expenses

As if the cost of the drugs alone weren’t enough, there are several others factors that will cost drug users money. For one, it is more difficult to find and keep a job while using drugs. And even those who do maintain a steady job will suffer from a weakened immune system, leading to more sick days and less money earned. Individuals who regularly use drugs and alcohol are also more likely to have dropped out of school because of their addiction. The lost potential earning by not having a college degree will cost thousands of dollars every year. Drug addiction also often results in criminal charges, meaning money spent for fines, bonds and lawyers.

It Doesn’t Add Up

In the end, an addiction to drugs or alcohol is very expensive to maintain. Sadly, this results in many drug users living lives of poverty or even homelessness. If someone you know is suffering with an addiction, talk to them about rehabilitation therapy. Not only will treatment save them money, it could also save their life. Photo: velo_city

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