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Addiction Recovery Treatment Programs for Mothers

The pressures involved in single motherhood can make a woman’s substance abuse problem more difficult to overcome. However, while the stress experienced in this life situation may sometimes tempt a woman to reach for a bottle or pill, motherhood can also provide an additional motivation to recover from addictions. A woman will not only desire to become clean from drugs or alcohol for her own sake, but also for the happiness and well being of her child.

End Result of Treatment is Responsible Parenting

Even under the best circumstances, parenting can be difficult. But a single mother under the influence of drugs or alcohol is incapable of being responsible in this important role. She is unable to provide a happy home environment or adequately address her child’s physical, emotional and mental needs. The best thing a single mother can do for her and her child’s future is to undergo substance abuse treatment. While she may have to leave the child in the care of a relative for the duration of the recovery program, the end result will be worth the sacrifice involved. Once she has recovered from her addictions, she can resume her motherhood duties in a successful manner.

Individualized Addiction Recovery Treatment Programs Are Best

As single parenting presents daunting challenges for a woman, a good addiction recovery program should not only address these generally, but also specifically. Every woman is an individual and deserves to have treatment tailored to her unique needs. Such programs should not only address substance abuse, but also teach life skills essential for parenting. Just as recovery programs should be individualized, so also should the aftercare address the particular demands and issues in the mother’s life. Any problems that arise can be discussed, so that the recovery becomes life-lasting success. Such programs can require the investment of time and effort, but they can be of inestimable value. Following the completion of recovery, the mother can provide her child with a safe, secure and drug-free home. (Photo via)

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