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Alcohol is Not Healthy – Even in Moderation

Drinking in Moderation

There have been articles written on how drinking moderately can actually improve your health, such as a glass of red wine with dinner. Even if you think you’re drinking moderately, however, the risks outweigh the possible benefits. And you can get the same benefits of drinking moderately as you can with good nutrition and exercise. So, what if you find your level of drinking is considered greater than moderate? Read on to learn how prolonged or heavy drinking can affect your life.

Your Heart

Drinking excessively increases your blood pressure to an unhealthy level. Prolonged heavy drinking can enlarge and weaken your heart, which increases the chance of a stroke or heart attack. An alcohol detox center like The Ranch PA helps stop further damage to your heart by ridding your body of toxins, while also reducing your chance of relapsing.


Prolonged drinking places a significant strain on your liver and other organs. Your liver is constantly working overtime to filter alcohol out of your bloodstream so you do not reach a lethal dosage. Cirrhosis is caused by heavy drinking, which results in liver failure. In this case, look for an alcohol detox center that develops an individualized treatment plan to stop further liver and body organ damage caused by alcohol.

Risk of Cancers

Enrolling in an alcoholism rehab program reduces the risk of developing certain cancers in the body. Drinking alcohol over a prolonged period increases your risk of esophageal, throat, mouth, and liver cancers. Alcohol also causes pancreatitis, which is an inflammation of the pancreas. Pancreatitis causes severe abdominal pain, sweating, nausea, and jaundice.

Cons Outweigh the Benefits

Even though some doctors’ claim that moderate drinking may reduce blood clots, raise good cholesterol, and reduce plaque in the arteries, these reasons are not good enough when you are faced with liver failure, throat and liver cancer, and pancreatitis. “There’s is no doubt that people know liver damage is a consequence of drinking. It is often the first question every patients detoxing off alcohol will ask,” states The Ranch PA’s Dr. Robert Matylewicz, “What patients often forget even moderate drinking and routine medications for high cholesterol and other medical conditions over time strain the liver and force it to work harder. If you take prescription medications or OTC supplements you should really reconsider if that drink is worth it. If you know you should stop but can’t. Give us a call to discuss your options.” The medical staff at The Ranch PA is here to help you break the cycle of addiction so you can live a healthy, alcohol-free life by creating an individualized alcohol rehab program for you to ensure your success. Photo: isante

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