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Familial Alcoholism Affects Teen Brains & Is Linked to Inherited Drug Vulnerability

Scientists have studied how familial alcoholism affects teenagers, including how they make decisions surrounding the use of drugs and alcohol in their lives. Studies have shown that an addicted family member increases the chance the children in the household will have a drug or alcohol addiction.

Genetic Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Teenagers are more vulnerable to inheriting a drug addiction if alcoholism runs in their family’s genetics. Parents may see one of their children develop a drug or alcohol addiction, while the other child does not. Studies have shown those who have a weakened brain response during “risky decision making” are more likely to develop an addiction.

What to Look For in an Alcoholism Treatment Center for Your Teenager

Parents who have teenagers struggling with an alcohol addiction need to know the different types of treatments for alcoholism. The rehab environment needs to be tailored specific to your teenager! Does the alcoholism treatment center offer one-on-one therapy sessions? Are there healthy outlets for your loved one to deal with stress and depression during their stay at the drug and alcohol treatment center? Parents who have an addicted teenager can discuss this sensitive topic with the medical staff at The Ranch PA’s drug and alcohol treatment center. Parents whose children grow to have an alcohol or drug addiction should not feel as though they are the cause of the problem. Studies have shown that genetics, possibly going back through several generations, may be the main cause. The alcoholism treatment center at The Ranch PA addresses how long a treatment plan should be for an individual affected by genetic addiction. The Ranch PA’s trusted medical staff helps family and loved ones understand how to break the cycle of addiction through different treatment options and individualized therapy sessions. (photo via)

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