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How to Talk to a Friend about His or Her Addiction

You are aware that your friend has a drug or alcohol addiction, and it has taken a strong hold of their life. But, what can you do? Bringing up your friend’s addiction is a sensitive subject, especially if they are in denial about their addiction. How can you bring up the subject of addiction recovery treatment programs to your friend? Your friends’ problem with alcohol or drugs may be real, but addicts are usually in denial, and do not know where to go for help. When you bring up the sensitive subject of your friend’s addiction, you should talk to them in a safe and secure place, and let them know that you love them and are there to support them. Talk to your friend when they are not under the influence. Speak to your friend in a caring and loving tone, and let them know you worry about them. Let them know that addiction recovery treatment programs help break the cycle of addiction by revealing the underlying issues. Encourage your friend to talk to the staff at a treatment facility like The Ranch PA to learn more about the individualized addiction treatment program designed specifically for their addiction. Your friend cannot break the cycle of addiction alone. They need professional help from experienced medical staff. Your friend has to want to get help, as it is not your responsibility to force them to get the help they need. If your friend decides to accept help, you can be there for support during and after their stay. Addiction recovery treatment programs are tailored to each person’s specific needs during every stay at The Ranch PA. Your friend will receive help from a medical doctor, life coach, addictions counselor, and other professional staff during their treatment program. The Ranch PA even offers an aftercare recovery program to help people stay sober after they complete their addiction treatment program. (Photo via)

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