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What You can Learn from Demi Moore’s Recent 911 Call

Demi Moore has struggled with addiction throughout her career. She joins the many celebrities who have turned to drugs and alcohol as the pressures of their very public life become overwhelming. After a 911 call was placed from Moore’s house, she was admitted into the hospital and speculations reached a frenzy. Some reports said she was doing whip-its, which is compressed nitrous oxide people use to get a temporary high. Other reports were blaming exhaustion. Whatever the cause, it’s clear now as Moore seeks treatment at a celebrity drug rehab she buckled under the many pressures of her life: a crumbling marriage, aging in an industry defined by youth, and living her life under the microscope of public opinion. What can you learn from Moore’s experience?

Sometimes You Just Need to Get Away

If you’re struggling with the pressures of everyday life and find yourself turning to drugs or alcohol to cope, you should consider getting away. By removing yourself from these pressures, you can focus on the issues that are holding you back from living a fulfilling and healthy life.

Being Concerned about your Image could Harm it Even More

If you’re hesitant about seeking treatment because you live your life in the public eye or are concerned with what others would think, you’re not alone. However, by putting off recovery because of this, you’re letting issues go unaddressed. These issues can easily spiral out of control and the damage control needed in the end can be greater than you expected. “The world can be a difficult place to navigate at times,” states Justin Daniels, Founder of The Ranch PA, “Giving yourself the space to properly breathe, examine the situation and work through its underlying causes can all be key components along the road to recovery.” If you’d like to keep your struggles and treatment from the public, The Ranch PA offers an exclusive addiction treatment designed to provide our clients with a way to get the help they need without worrying about their personal struggles leaking to the public. From our secluded grounds to our private arrival and departure procedures, there is no reason not to seek treatment because of worry about how you’ll appear to others. We’ll honor your privacy and promise confidentiality. (Photo via)

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