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Managing Your Addiction and Avoiding the Constant Potential for Relapse

Managing Addiction

The best way to fight addiction is to accept that it requires a life-long commitment to the process of recovery. Continuing to care for yourself and meet your needs is extremely important for you to have a successful recovery. Seeking treatment isn’t a fix for addiction. However, it does give you the tools you need to manage the disease on a day-to-day basis. Every addict or recovering addict lives with the potential for relapse. Even after years of sober living, there will likely be times that act as stressors and tempt you to use again.


Many people relapse as a result of triggers. These can be life-changing — such as a relationship break-up or family tragedy — or they can be everyday challenges — like stress or even bad weather. For many, using is a way of dealing with emotions, so when something happens that causes uneasiness or pain, they are susceptible to relapse. Peer pressure is also a common reason for relapse. Peer pressure is not just something teenagers experience; adults often experience it as well. For example, your friends might have wine at dinner and it leaves you questioning your abstinence. Or, you may have co-workers who smoke and ask you to have a cigarette break with them.

Fighting the Temptation

No matter what your triggers are that tempt you into a relapse, the truth is that they exist and are a part of your life. There will always be times when you may feel tempted to use again. Your own personal ability to say “no” is invaluable, but it isn’t always enough. If you are in a situation where you feel you need to drink or use drugs again, the best way to fight the urges is to return to treatment. Professionals at our rehab center can help you manage your triggers the safe way and protect you from relapsing. A sober life is possible, you just have to put in the work to fight relapse and continue on your path to recovery. Photo: bottled_void

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