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Benefits of Gender Specific Addiction Treatment

A big part of motivating people to get treatment for their addiction is making sure they have a safe place to go. Many people can adapt to almost any kind of addiction treatment environment. However, some people have very specific needs for a variety of reasons. If someone is reluctant to get treatment in a coed environment, they would likely prefer gender-specific care. At this point, we would like to discuss the benefits of gender specific addiction treatment. In our facility, we proudly offer both women’s and men’s addiction treatment programs in Hanover, PA.

Why Someone Might Prefer Gender Specific Treatment

As a nation, we certainly strive for equality. That doesn’t mean we aren’t sometimes guilty of seeing men and women in different lights. Right or wrong, we do tend to hold the genders to different sets of standards. As an example, many people view a man with a drug addiction as irresponsible and unable to stand on their own. We get this because men still carry the stigma of having to be strong and protective. For women with an addiction, people see them as loose and morally weak. They are willing to set aside their morals and nurturing capabilities in favor of getting high or drunk. To put it bluntly, we sometimes question what a woman will do for or because of drugs or alcohol. To be clear, both of these world views are inherently unfair. People are people. Unfortunately, these are the stigma men and women would have to carry into a coed rehab. Some people just don’t have it in them to deal with such nonsense. For them, it makes far more sense to seek treatment in an environment largely devoid of such judgments.

The Benefits of Gender Specific Addiction Treatment

Above, we have described how avoiding judgments from the opposite sex is one of the benefits of gender specific addiction treatment. The good news is there are a few more reasons why a man or woman would benefit from gender specific treatment. First, when men and women are kept in close proximity to one another in a closed facility, there’s often sexual tension. More often than not, issues occur that can interfere with the recovery process. Another benefit for clients is the opportunity to build meaningful same-sex relationships that could well become great sources of support outside of rehab. Finally, the time spent in group therapy is short and precious. A gender specific program allows like-minded people to share thoughts, feelings, and experiences efficiently and effectively. There’s a lot that clients can learn from one another if they can truly understand where the other clients are coming from.

Gender Specific Care at The Ranch PA

In our facility, we proudly offer both women’s and men’s addiction treatment programs in Hanover, PA. We also offer coed programs for clients who thrive in such environments. Our goal is to make sure every client has an opportunity to get treatment is a comfortable environment. Our addiction treatment services include:

If you were curious about available treatment options, you now have more information about the benefits of gender specific addiction treatment. Perhaps, this is what you need to motivate you to get treatment. If you have questions, you can call us at 717.969.9126.

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