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Why Choose a Women’s Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

To be clear, people should pursue addiction treatment in an environment within which they are comfortable. Going through the treatment process is difficult enough under the best circumstances. If the addiction sufferer feels out of their element, then it decreases the likelihood that treatment will be effective. We see this all the time when people have difficulty in a coed environment. That’s why The Ranch PA facility offers gender-specific treatment. As a woman, you might be wondering, “Why choose a women’s drug and alcohol rehab center?” Let us try to answer this question for you.

Why Choose a Women’s Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center?

While we all strive to support equality, there are still some areas we could improve on as a nation. One of those areas would be how we view the genders in terms of their involvement with addiction. If a man falls victim to an addiction, then his strength as a provider and protector becomes the subject of discussion. For women, it’s all about their moral character. It’s not fair, but it is today’s reality. As a woman, you should not have to concern yourself with what others think about your addiction. While we disagree, we are certainly aware of the negative stigmas held among the opposite sex. Therefore, we fully understand why you might prefer to get treatment in an all-female environment.

The Benefits of a Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment Program for Women

As part of our women’s addiction treatment programs in Hanover, PA, we fully support the concept of women helping women. With that said, there also has to be more to why one would choose a women’s drug and alcohol rehab center. There have to be tangible benefits, and in fact, there are tangible benefits to gender-specific addiction treatment for women. For example, they include:

  • Less Distraction – There is likely to be sexual tension between men and women in a close environment
  • Comfort – Most women are much more comfortable sharing personal information with other women
  • Tailored Treatment – Women have different needs and perspectives than men. It’s easier to design a treatment program for women only
  • Camaraderie – It is easier for women to develop meaningful support resources with other women
  • Addressing Specific Issues – In a gender-specific program, it’s easier for everyone to address issues they all have in common

The Ranch PA – Addiction Treatment for All Adults

While we proudly provide gender-specific treatment services, we do offer so much more. Our approach to treating clients really does extend to putting all clients in the right treatment environment. Add in a custom, cutting-edge treatment program, and we believe we have a treatment formula that works. Here’s an abbreviated menu of our treatment services:

As a woman, it’s important to know the benefits of and why to choose a women’s drug and alcohol rehab center. You have every right to be comfortable in your addiction recovery efforts, and The Ranch PA would be glad to help. Let’s get you started in treatment by calling us at 717.969.9126.

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