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Signs of a High Functioning Alcoholic

An alcohol use disorder comes in different forms and severities. There are those who have a difficult time holding things together. That said, there are also those who seem to do just fine with their problem drinking. Would you recognize the signs of a high functioning alcoholic?

Understanding an Alcohol Use Disorder

At the alcohol addiction treatment program in Hanover, PA, therapists frequently see the signs of a high functioning alcoholic. A use disorder has to do with the compulsion to drink alcohol. For example, you can’t stop yourself after one drink. Almost all sufferers drink to excess on a daily basis. Some have moderate drinking problems. They don’t consume as much yet as those who’ve been drinking for a while. Besides that, they do not currently deal with the health problems others experience. For them, it’s easier to function. Above all, the ability to function well and gloss over the condition leads to denial. You might believe that you’re doing okay. After all, you don’t drink as much as some do. However, you could just be a high-functioning problem drinker.

Recognizing the Signs of a High Functioning Alcoholic

Each day, you think about drinking until you can do so again. You drink to excess. Then in the mornings, you wake up to withdrawal symptoms. Perhaps, you even sneak alcohol into work in water bottles. On the outside, you look like you’re managing your life well. You maintain your job and have relationships within your family. Some might consider you a successful individual who has everything together. Of course, people looking in from the outside won’t be able to tell that you have a drinking problem. You do your best to prevent people from finding out what’s really going on. However, this house of cards will collapse at some point. Maybe it’s the episode at the holiday party that tips people off to what’s going on. Then again, you might have a health scare that persuades you to seek help.

Getting Help for a Drinking Problem

When you’re honest with yourself, you could see the progression happening. You knew that the shakes in the morning were withdrawal symptoms. You tried to gloss over it. Now, it’s time to get help. An alcohol use disorder doesn’t get better on its own. Because professional intervention is the only way to deal with it, therapists at rehab facilities customize a care protocol. Examples of treatments include:

  • Psychotherapy program for underlying mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorder
  • Behavioral counseling, which encourages the development of healthy coping skills for negative strategies you use right now
  • Family therapy program, which brings in those closest to you to heal, rebuild the relationship, and regain trust
  • Group therapy program as a tool for peer counseling, which enables you to develop healthy social skills

It’s Time to Practice Healthy Self-Care

Your house of cards is falling down. You recognize the signs of a high functioning alcoholic in your life. At The Ranch PA, caring therapists want to help you overcome chemical dependency. Find out how a call to 717.969.9126 can change your life today.

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