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Your Body’s Amazing Ability to Heal

A ruptured eardrum, conjunctival bleeding, food poisoning, and a broken rib are just a few examples of problems your body is capable of fixing on its own. The human body’s ability to heal itself also applies to people who have a substance abuse problem. For example, several studies cited in Scientific American found “that years of abstaining from booze can allow brain regions to return to their original volume and can repair neural connections across different regions.” Is There Any Way to Accelerate or Support the Body’s Natural Healing Process? In an article for AARP, Dr. Julie K. Silver explained that even if you don’t do anything to help your body, it will still go through processes to help it recover. But while those things happen automatically, there are definitely ways you can make your body’s recovery even more efficient. Because it is possible to bolster your body’s natural recovery process, here are a few of the ways we strengthen the recovery process at our holistic healing center: Nutrition Getting enough vitamins, protein, fiber, and low-glycemic carbohydrates from wholesome sources of food like organic fruits, vegetables and grass-fed meat will ensure your body has all the building blocks it needs in order to heal. Relaxation and Sleep Quality sleep is crucial for both physical and mental recovery. And in order to sleep well, obstacles like anxiety need to be addressed. Practices like meditation can help people on the path to recovery feel at ease throughout the day and night. Physical Activity In her article, Dr. Silver referenced a study that compared how long it took for the same wound to heal between two groups. The first group regularly exercised during the recovery period, while the second one didn’t. The outcome of the study was that it took 39 days for the non-exercisers to fully recover, but only 29 days for the group that exercised. Even if it’s only light, daily physical activity can do a lot of good for the body. Since every case of addiction has unique elements, some effects may not be reversible for certain individuals. But even if you think you’re past the point of no return, remember that most people who take advantage of everything holistic therapy has to offer are amazed by just how good their body feels. (Photo via)

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