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Can Acupuncture Work to Treat Addiction

Most of what we understand about addiction treatment usually revolves around detox and standard forms of therapy. These are the same treatment methods the addiction treatment community has been using for decades. However, there’s a new day dawning in that same addiction treatment community. As part of that new day, we are seeing addiction treatment professionals using more modern methods of treatment. Of these newer methods, evidence-based therapies are getting most of the focus. However, there are many unique holistic methods of treatment gaining popularity. For example, the rise of holistic therapies has led people to wonder can acupuncture work to treat addiction?

Can Acupuncture Work to Treat Addiction?

It turns out that acupuncture has shown the capacity to be helpful in the treatment of substance addictions. In rehabs all over the country, addiction treatment professionals are working to integrate holistic programs into regular addiction treatment processes. So far, several holistic type programs are showing great promise. The use of holistic programs seems to have its genesis is the addiction treatment community’s desire to address each client’s overall well-being. They have come to the realization that standard treatment options address the client’s mind and body. However, there’s very little focus on looking at the client’s spirit. That’s where a holistic program like our The Ranch PA acupuncture therapy program in Hanover, PA, has value.

How Acupuncture Helps With Substance Addictions

Acupuncture does not have the capacity to stop people from taking harmful substances. It does not have the ability to cure an addiction. What it can do is help the addiction sufferer feel better both physically and spiritually. So how does acupuncture therapy achieve that? When an acupuncturist strategically places a needle, they do so for a specific purpose. Using acupuncture theory as the basis for treatment, they put needles in areas like the kidneys, lungs, liver as well as specific nerve locations. They do so in hopes of eliciting the following benefits:

  • Lower the intensity of certain withdrawal symptoms
  • Help treat pain issues that might lead to painkiller abuse
  • Increase the capacity for people to retain information
  • Lower stress and anxiety
  • Help regulate irregular sleeping patterns
  • Help control certain emotions
  • Promote better physical health

Can acupuncture work to treat addiction? The answer is yes. As a complementary treatment option, clients can derive benefits from acupuncture therapy.

The Ranch PA – Doing It the Right Way

As a top rehab center in Pennsylvania, we have an obligation to use any and all means to help clients into recovery. For that reason, we are proud to offer traditional, evidence-based, and holistic treatment programs. With access to so many addiction treatment resources we, we can create some excellent custom treatment programs for each client. For example, our current list of services includes:

Now that you know the answer to the question, “Can acupuncture work to treat addiction?” you also know there are many ways to help you arrest your addiction. We want to help you do exactly that from our The Ranch PA treatment facility. Call us at 717.969.9126, and let’s get you started on recovery.

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