Dual Diagnosis Treatment

people holding hands in a circle getting benefits of group therapy

The Benefits of Group Therapy in Recovery

What are the benefits of group therapy? Pioneered by 12-step programs such as AA and NA, group therapy uses individual experiences to advance the collective. Nearly all recovery centers offer some form of group therapy, using the power of peers to conquer addiction.Read below to learn more about the benefits of group therapy.The Benefits of …

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therapist and woman discussing DBT vs CBT

The CBT vs DBT Question

DBT vs. CBTIn addiction psychotherapy, two modalities are used more than any others: cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). But when it comes to DBT vs. CBT, which model is better for which patients? Recovery centers, therapists, and 12-step groups all have a great deal of experience deciding between DBT vs. CBT, including …

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boy holding his ears as parents fight understands how addiction affects families

What You Should Know About How Addiction Affects Families

Do you know how addiction affects families? Addiction doesn’t just affect the person who has it. Unfortunately, addiction impacts everyone around that person, especially families.Marriages and parent-child relationships are often ruined by addiction. Fights and tension are exacerbated, finances are strained, and bonds are broken. But for families affected by addiction, there is hope. The …

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scientist woman knows about marijuana and education

It Matters: Marijuana and Education

Marijuana and EducationEducation is more important for today’s students than ever before. With college degrees becoming ubiquitous, both high school and college students are under intense pressure to succeed. Marijuana and education are both present in many student’s lives, but the two don’t mix well. When it comes to marijuana and education, the student’s present …

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two women talking about what is psychotherapy

What Is Psychotherapy?

What is Psychotherapy?The reason why treatment is essential to overcoming an addiction, alcoholism, or substance abuse disorder is that all three conditions are chronic, meaning they continuously get worse until you receive help. Treatments like psychotherapy are highly effective during the recovery process, but what is psychotherapy and how does it help treat addiction?Substance abuse …

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woman drinking thinks is alcoholism a disease? Alcoholism is a disease. Get alcohol addiction treatment today.

Is Alcoholism a Disease?

If you’ve read about alcoholism, you’ve probably seen people ask is alcoholism a disease? Some say it’s a choice, but that’s not entirely true. Alcoholism is a disease, and it’s one that you can fight and conquer with the right help and support. When you decide you need help to overcome your alcohol addiction, admission …

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man undergoing an experiential therapy session in nature

What is Experiential Therapy

For anyone in need of help overcoming an addiction or mental health issue, help is available at The Ranch Pennsylvania. Admission into our dual diagnosis treatment center is your first step towards recovery, where we will develop a specialized addiction treatment program to provide you with the support and treatment required to overcome your addiction.At …

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man suffering heroin relapse symptoms

Heroin Relapse Symptoms

Heroin is a dangerous drug with a high potential for abuse. Heroin abusers become addicted to the rush that the drug provides. However, over time, they develop a tolerance to the drug, making it harder to achieve this high. When heroin abusers are unable to get high, they experience painful withdrawal symptoms. If you or …

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man drinking near already empty bottles showing symptoms of alcohol poisoning

Symptoms of Alcohol Poisoning

Of all of the substance individuals choose to abuse, alcohol is a common choice among American adults today. This is because it is relatively easy to get access to and inexpensive in most locations. Alcohol poisoning is a serious medical condition that can result in great physical harm or even death in some cases. When …

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