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Are you interested in learning more about The Ranch PA, drug addiction, or the business of the illicit drug trade? Explore The Ranch PA on YouTube and learn more about the risks, costs, and recoveries that define substance abuse. The Business and Cost of Addiction Drug addiction costs the United States billions of dollars every year. From emergency room visits to lost productivity at work to crime, the victims of addiction include everyone from the people abusing substances to family members, friends, colleagues, and more. As these losses add up, however, the criminals who make and distribute drugs profit from the enormous suffering they cause. When you consider that people in impoverished nations can earn up to 50 times more income growing plants that become illicit drugs than working a steady, low wage job, it’s no wonder drug cartels have an easy time recruiting helpers. Have you ever wondered how drug cartels are organized? In the past, one “kingpin” led an organization of distributors, enforcers, spies and communications workers. Taking out the kingpin led the organization to crumble, however, resulting in a less structured, more resilient cartel.  Watch our YouTube video to find out how these dangerous organizations depend on the U.S. to keep their operations in business.   While cartel leaders, low level dealers and everyone in between is making money from the suffering of others, the cost of illicit drug sales and production in the U.S. is staggering. Taxpayers spend over 60 billion dollars every year feeding, housing, and clothing criminals who participate in the creation and distribution of illicit drugs. Stopping Addiction One Victim at a Time The bottom line is that with so much money at risk for families, the government, and the cartels that make and distribute drugs, the stakes are higher today than ever before. Through education, therapy and progressive, comprehensive medical care, we can beat the drug cartels at their own game. The holistic healing center at The Ranch PA provides residential addiction rehabilitation services to people suffering from substance abuse in a small, community oriented environment. If you need help, contact us now.

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