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How Much Do Fish Drink, Anyway?

The ages-old expression, “drinks like a fish,” likely relates to the idea that people who drink heavily are like fish that consume water all day long in order to breathe its oxygen. In use since 1640, the expression originates from Fletcher and Shirley’s “The Night-Walker, or the Little Theife.” You don’t have to watch a loved one drink alcohol all day and all night to know there is a problem, however. Early Stage Alcoholism Looks Like Normal Drinking Although it’s easier to recover from addiction before rock bottom, early stage alcoholism strongly resembles what most consider normal drinking behavior. Unfortunately, for those who are predisposed to alcoholism, early stage drinking can steadily spiral downward into a dangerous chronic alcohol habit. When moderate, safe drinking progresses to using alcohol to cope with problems or avoid sad feelings, it doesn’t matter how much or how often drinking occurs — it becomes a crutch, and therefore, a problem. At first, one or two drinks will satisfy. Then, as tolerance develops, the relaxed feeling that your loved one has learned to count on requires three drinks, four drinks, or more. Before long, the entire bottle of wine is gone at dinner. Does Your Loved One Have a Drinking Problem? You may not ever catch your loved one “drinking like a fish,” but you may discover other behaviors that make getting help from an alcoholism rehab necessary. Has your loved one expressed embarrassment or shame about how much she’s consumed, or things done or said when drinking? Have you caught him lying about drinking, or has another loved one expressed concern about her partying? Is nightly drinking necessary to unwind from a tough day? If so, your loved one likely has a drinking problem. Don’t Wait Until Rock Bottom Just like swimming across the lake is harder than walking down the dock, don’t wait to get help. Not only is it much harder to recover from the physical aspects of addiction after hitting rock bottom, the financial, personal and emotional tolls late stage alcoholism takes are also more challenging. Intervene now, before things go too far. The Ranch PA can help you convince your loved one to seek treatment. Our holistic alcohol recovery program is recognized as the premier treatment center on the east coast. From arranging an expertly planned intervention to creating a personalized recovery plan and committing to abstinence, we are committed to your loved one’s lifelong recovery. Call us today if your loved one needs help to quit drinking. (Photo via)

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