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The High Success Rate of Music Therapy

Consider the range of emotions youfeel when you listen to music. It can excite and it can relax. It can make you cry, and it can even make you laugh. For centuries, composers and musicians have held their audiences captive in the sway of beautifully written song — and at The Ranch PA, we understand that music therapy is a powerful tool in the arsenal of healing. When Words Fail, Music Heals In the same way that creating art lets people express a difficult-to-define feeling, music allows the creator or listener to communicate more effectively. Not only does music help people express challenging emotions more effectively, but it also helps those suffering from cognitive problems and physical issues. Perhaps best of all, the latest evidence-based treatment suggests that music therapy drug rehab can even help people once addicted to drugs and/or alcohol enhance a healthy lifestyle free from substance abuse. Music Therapy, Defined and Explained At The Ranch PA, Music Therapist Tessa O’Sullivan teaches clients to harness to power of sound in a controlled way. This helps our clients achieve individual therapeutic goals while helping them build an enjoyable lifestyle outside of addictive behaviors. Clients dance and sing; they may also write songs in our state-of-the-art music studio, or discuss and reflect on the meaning of certain lyrics in therapy. Listening, analyzing, and composing music offers clients a number of important benefits that enhance the effects of traditional talk therapies. First and foremost, it helps clients relax in a natural, substance-free way. Music is a proven blood pressure reducer; it also helps those who must deal with depressive symptoms in addition to addiction. Listening to music helps clients meditate and focus, while achieving a more positive, less anxious state of mind. Physically, Music Therapy positively affects those who have autism and Alzheimer’s disease. It relaxes tense muscles, helps women cope with pregnancy and labor discomfort, and eases chronic pain. The benefits of music can be as simple as relieving boredom and it can be as complex as helping a person foster a sense of spirituality. Addiction Therapy at The Ranch PA The Ranch PA is proud to offer state-of-the-art Music Therapy as part of our holistic addiction therapy program. In addition to the clear physical and emotional benefits provided by listening and writing music, we consider it an essential supplement for both early and later recovery. Contact The Ranch PA to learn more about our Music Therapy program today. (Photo via)

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