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Dangers of Popper Addiction

Poppers is a slang term for a type of inhalant drug. In particular, poppers tend to include the chemical amyl nitrite. They are sold as room aromas and deodorizers. Ultimately, that’s just clever marketing disconnected from the end use of amyl nitrite products. The reality is that people buy these deceptively-labeled products to get high by inhaling their fumes. The dangers of popper addiction are many. While it may not seem as damaging as substance use disorders (SUDs) involving cocaine or heroin, popper addiction is a severe problem. 

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What Are Poppers?

Before digging into popper addiction, it’s worth going over the background of poppers. The term first came into use in the 1960s. At that time, amyl nitrite was sold as a heart medicine in capsules that cracked or popped. Even today, amyl nitrite is still prescribed for heart conditions like angina on rare occasions.

Amyl nitrite itself is not an illegal substance. However, selling the substance over-the-counter for human consumption is not legal. That’s why the marketing for amyl nitrite has had to get creative and say that amyl nitrite is a room deodorizer, leather cleaner, or sex enhancer. 

Today, poppers are typically used as recreational drugs similar to MDMA. Since the effects of poppers are very short-lived, often just a few minutes, they tend to be used in conjunction with other drugs. This compounds the dangers of popper addiction.

The Dangers of Popper Addiction

Popper addiction is not the same as the physical and psychological addiction stemming from drugs like cocaine, fentanyl, or heroin. Using poppers regularly probably won’t make someone start to crave poppers. But regular use does often create a tolerance. That means when someone uses poppers, they likely won’t experience the same outcome. This can lead someone to use it more often or in a more considerable amount.

Perhaps the most significant danger of popper addiction is the many side effects of regular usage. These side effects include:

  • Lesions on the skin around the nose or lips
  • Sinus and respiratory allergic reactions
  • Headaches
  • Painful pressure behind and around the eyes

Fatal overdoses from poppers are very rare. Nonetheless, there are still some caveats here. Using many poppers can cause unconsciousness, low blood pressure, and other cardiovascular problems. Moreover, poppers can interact poorly with other drugs and medication. People who take medication for erectile dysfunction and use poppers are in grave danger of a fatal interaction between those two substances. 

Find Popper Addiction Treatment at Recovery Ranch PA

Poppers are not safe to use in any amount. They are dangerous chemicals. While using them does produce a brief euphoria, the long-term consequences far outweigh any short-term pleasure. If you struggle with popper abuse, it could be time to seek professional help. 

The expert, caring clinicians at Promise-Recovery Ranch understand the dangers of popper addiction. Even better, we know how to help you restore your quality of life and forge healthy habits so that popper use becomes a thing of the past. 

As indicated earlier, the dangers of popper addiction become most prominent when they are used alongside other drugs or medications. Part of addressing a popper addiction is looking at someone’s medical history and the range of medications they take regularly. 

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