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Dennis Quaid Opens Up About Past Drug Struggles

In a recent Newsweek interview, Dennis Quaid shared information about his past, including his struggle with cocaine abuse during the 1970’s after moving to Hollywood. According to Quaid, drugs were rampant on both the movie sets and at some of the most high-status parties being thrown. He also states that money for drugs was even included in contracts as thinly veiled “petty cash” during filming. Although Quaid moved to Hollywood in 1974, it wasn’t until 1987 when he finally entered rehab for his cocaine use. He maintains that the entire experience “taught him humility,” and has learned a great deal from his past decisions. Although it took him over two years to get sober, Quaid has since maintained his sobriety and is finally talking openly about his ordeal. Like many actors, Quaid was thrust into a world that many are unprepared for, but luckily, he was finally able to realize that sobriety would be a key to his continued longevity and success in Hollywood. Unfortunately, drug use can in many instances seem “recreational” as opposed to an addiction, but any time drug use is involved, it is an issue that should be taken seriously. Quaid has since gotten married and has twins, as well as continued success in the movie industry with the new film “Soul Surfer” currently out in theaters. Remember, drug use is far from a recreational past time and can quickly slip into a place where it is the drug and not you in control, regardless of your own perception of the situation. Rehab is such an important tool in the recovery process because it gives you time to remove yourself from your toxic lifestyle as well as learn the necessary tools to maintain sobriety once returning to your old life. For more information on drug and alcohol abuse, signs, and recovery help, please visit for more information. (photo via

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