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Using Social Media in the Recovery Process

The recovery process is different for each individual, but for some, a strong, supportive community is essential to thrive once they have made the commitment to remain clean and sober. A great tool to help facilitate this is the use of web resources like Facebook, Twitter and blogs that deal with addiction. Not only can they help keep you connected with people who will provide support and guidance, they can also give you great information and up to date resources on helpful recovery techniques you may not be familiar with. Social networking sites, especially like Facebook, also have the added advantage of helping you keep in touch with people who may have been paramount in your recovery process. With sites like Twitter, you can easily follow a large number of people and organizations who are tweeting about the recovery process.

Connect With Communities to Aid in Recovery

If you have just left a treatment facility after 30 days of sobriety, you’ll need to establish how to maintain a supportive community that encourages your sobriety. If you have been sober for several months and change jobs or even cities, staying in contact with your support system will be vital to the success of your continued recovery. The increasing interconnectivity of our everyday lives means there are more opportunities to connect with others every day. When you’re in a dire moment of need or faced with the temptation to relapse, your support group is just a text, post or phone call away. From individual recovery centers to nationally sponsored drug and alcohol initiatives, most programs have some type of social media to easily gather information and remain in contact. The Ranch PA always strives to remain as relevant and helpful as possible, offering a blog, Twitter, and Facebook page not only for past clients at the center, but for anyone searching for more information on the drug and alcohol recovery process. Although sometimes it is easy to overlook these resources, they are great conduits to receive additional information. A supportive community also plays a vital role in achieving a goal, regardless of what that goal is. Similar to attending an Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meeting, social media offers you support when you need it — just without a defined meeting time or location. Social media sites and other websites are full of opportunities to connect and find support. Bringing people together in this medium to share their experiences and struggles is a positive way to maintain recovery and healthy behavioral modifications.

Combine Online and In-Person Support

As powerful and supportive as social media can be, social media should not be the only way you work towards sobriety. A blend of both face-to-face and online support is recommended. At The Ranch PA, we are happy to offer clients the individualized support they need both during and after treatment to maintain a healthy, sober lifestyle. When you are looking for more information about the recovery process, do not overlook social media. There are many people out there working diligently each day to support you and your loved ones, provide you with up-to-date recovery information, and to share their stories of hope and healing with you. (photo via)

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