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Maintaining Recovery

Recovery is a process. It is not a Band-Aid, or a quick fix, or a magic pill. Recovery is a journey that you set out upon, not knowing where it will lead, but ultimately believing that you can only end in a better place than you began. One of the keys to experiencing the best outcome is having the right mindset.

A Better Way to Think of Relapse

Many people feel especially despondent if they break their sobriety and give in to their addiction. While it is understandable how that can be upsetting, it is always important to remember that recovery will always give you another chance. Negative thoughts and attitudes will do nothing to pull you back up, so it is important to remember to tackle your addiction with a positive outlook. If you relapse, it does not mean the end of your recovery period. Instead, it is a stepping stone to recommit yourself to the process even more than before and understand what happened that made you misstep in the first place.

Remind Yourself Why

You chose to become sober for a reason, and you need to remember that reason in order to remain motivated and committed to this arduous task. When times are tough, focus on the reasons why you wanted to change. Whether it’s your family, your career, your health, or any other factor, keep the reasons in your mind so it’s easier to stay on course.

Use Your Support

Addiction can cause feelings of deep-seated shame and guilt. You may feel like you let your loved ones down. You can also feel alone, because nobody could understand why you made the choices you did in the past. Don’t let these negative feelings prevent you from achieving the sobriety you deserve. Instead, reach out to get the support you need to continue on your journey to lifelong sobriety. You have a wonderful community of positive support around you. From the internet, to treatment facilities, to sober living options, there is an entire world of people out there who want your goal of a sober lifestyle to succeed and cannot wait to help make that happen. Remember, you are the most important catalyst in all of this, but there are a great deal of resources and other people out there to help aid in your recovery.

Taking It One Day at a Time

When making an overwhelming change such as quitting alcohol or drugs, you need to tackle it in chunks. Set little goals instead of focusing on the whole picture. Often this means deciding that today you will say “no” to addiction and “yes” to a life worth living and sharing. When you take it one day at a time, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to enjoy your sobriety without worrying about tomorrow, next month, or five years from now. All of those timeframes are made up of the same increments of time: one day. By taking it one day at a time, you’ll build upon your sobriety and eventually look back to years of sober and healthy living. (Photo via)

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